[Re-Volt] New Track: Destructed City 2019

1 09 2019

Hi all!

It has been a long time but I am still there. Trying to collect the tiny bits of free time to make something useful ūüôā

Today, I am presenting to you:

Destructed City (2019)

The war has just started. It is the first day. A raid is coming, should we hold a final race before the total destruction?

This track is RVGL Only. Please use RVGL’s latest version.

Download link: https://app.box.com/s/1kta3mia7yy78d9dy3ckchtjxjyukxop

Have a nice day ūüėÄ

(Copublished in RVIO)

[Reflections] Success

3 07 2019

if you are a “boat”, don’t try to race on a road track. Use the sea. You can slide on the road, but you will hurt yourself. Let the others race at 500 km/h but remember, only you can go intercontinental. Maybe the real race was from Dakar to Boston?

This is my story:

5 years ago: I was on the verge of failing at the university after a series of success with a bitter taste of failure for 3 years.

I got the worst marks… Failing the year was certain
I understood that “normal” or”normally successful” doesn’t go with me
I bid the farewell to my arrogant fantasy to be the best, I understood that I was in the abyss… And soon I will be repeating the year

— One thing in my mind: salvation: how? —

I did it wrong. I was imitating the best ones’ methods to be #1. I did it to become #1‚Ķ I learn for the exams, not for myself, and I do it with no grain of feeling.

Why don’t I try something different? I am likely to fail anyway‚Ķ

For starters, I would like to learn, not because they glue our asses to the bench with their presence list. I want to learn. Point.

I gulped everything related and unrelated to my studies. Ex, Coursera, and Wikipedia kept me awake at night. Engulfed my being.
You name it, I take it: Java, vb, HTML, photo editing, video editing, creative programming, religions, history, cultures, I have taken them. Electronics? (my major) I have eaten the exercises and learned kinds of stuff beyond the scopes.

2 years later, the head of the department was giving me the prize in. This is no wonder: Outstandingly topped the courses that almost failed me. I got the #1 spot in my field.

It is the same day I got the prize, I returned home, woke the pc up and resumed another edX course.

Is being #1 a success? it made me happy for one day, no
I don’t have the answer anymore. I lost what success means. It echoes from times to times, but I can’t see it. Maybe it’s just a smile of someone close? dunno‚Ķ

The original story started from a video in Facebook from Nas Daily, about success and how the road of success differs from a person to a person, above was my comment on it.

Do I consider myself successful? No, but I avoid fail once, and I think my experience could help somebody who is facing similar situation, I faced 8 / 5 years ago!

[Re-Volt] RV Car Studio goes open source

31 12 2018

Hello Re-Volters! Happy new year 2019!

It has been 5 years since you have heard about RV Car Studio from my side. Since its release on 22nd December 2013.

After that, just couple of updates were released, all of them were minor, and no major release was committed.

Yes, RV Car Studio was not able to see more light as a lot of things have been going on in real life. At the end, the other tasks made it impossible to resume working on RV Car Studio despite my own will to commit on it. The decision to open source RV Car Studio is finally made today.

What is RV Car Studio? Basically just a tool for editing Re-Volt cars. Although it was intended to allow cars from scratch, right now, it can only help by editing the current settings of the cars. The features in RV Car Studio makes things very easy! You can automatically calculate Inertia Matrix, wheels positions, change the positions of 1, 2 and 4 car parts (wheels, axis etc) at the same time! Everything in real-time!

GitHub repo of RV Car Studio

More readings:

[RVCarStudio] build #2620

[RvCarStudio]RV Car Studio

edX and Coursera… What’s going on?

9 03 2016

Perhaps you have previously heard of edX and Coursera, right? Yes? No?

edX and Coursera are two MOOC “Massive online learning course” websites, what’s a MOOC? Call it a platform for learning, get graded and perhaps if you do well you’ll get a certificate. A certificate has a nice weight on CV, guys…

Not so fast, hold it just there. “Certificate” … is not free, right? Until 3 months ago, they were¬†FREE. But now, not every course offers a FREE CERTIFICATE.

Back then, it was possible to audit (see tutors tutoring by video, having handouts) the course and even possible to access to graded materials (you have to submit your responses before a deadline). If you pass the exams and homeworks (get a score of 50% at least for some courses, others may demand more than 50%), you’ll be offered a valid “certificate of¬†honor” or a “certificate of accomplishment” (edX, Coursera respectively) ¬†but if you pay more you’ll get a “verified certificate” and respectively a “certificate with signature”.

But now…
edX and Coursera still offer the opportunity to see videos, ¬†but accessing graded materials (aka homeworks and exams) is no longer granted by Coursera. and as simple as nothing: You are forced to not to answer anything on Coursera therefore you’ll get nothing. EdX on the other hands offer you everything but at the end you’ll only get a compliment about finishing a course and no certificate.

This is both good and bad, the good thing, as a Tunisian where quality learning is almost non-existent, ¬†learning from edX and Coursera was the only reason I’m into education, but I get my motivation to learn from ‘seeing a possible certificate in the horizon‘ (in other words, expecting it after hard work). Now¬†certificates are gone, and so 50% of my motivation. EdX and Coursera played a very great role in my life, not only they offered me great education, complimented my engineering studies and also offered me opportunities to see how people are taught in Harvard and MIT (for instance). I saw many people in the forums it was a great experience for me!

Now, if you think of it again, Honor means you’ll get for instance, an MITx certificate for free, and guess what… not everybody is doing a hard work and some are even cheating. This is bad, if a¬†word gets out about how people got MITx certificates (for instance) without shredding their souls and they present themselves at work or at universities as an MITian (for instance). Here is it …. MIT’s name will be at stakes! And that’s what it did happen: Quality loss in graduated people while the quality was boosted in courses. The only solution is to make the courses only accessible to those who deserve it :”money”.


Here we go again.

Nonetheless, edX was the one who shaped me (along Coursera) as I am today. I’m pretty grateful for what they have done. The other part was shaped by my National School of Engineers of Sfax. Thank you very much guys, I hope I do well.

[Math] Collatz conjecture

26 02 2016

Hello world, how is it going?

Collatz Conjecture, ever heard of it? It’s probably most known as “3n+1” or¬†“Half Or Triple Plus One” .

The procedure is pretty simple and starts with a simple number picking. So yes, pick any number, let’s call this number n.

algorithm: (<– : stands for assignment)

  • if your number n is odd then do the following instruction: new_n <– n * 3 + 1; n<– new_n;
  • if your number n is even, then divise it by two: new_n <– n/2; n<– new_n;
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number n‘1’

Now you see, you’re always going to converge and get “1” at the end or to be more exact “4-2-1” sequence. And that would be with any number you take!


Well, that’s nice, but I have other words to say about these.
As the goal of the algorithm is to make 1.5*n converges, then 3N+1 wouldn’t be the only maze in here!

5*N+1, 7N+1, 11N+1 would all fit if an algorithm is well implemented!

Now here is my proposed algorithm to make 5*N+1 converges

  • if your number n is even:¬†n <– n /2;¬†
  • if your number n is a multiply of 3: n<–n/3
  • else : n<–5*n+1
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number n¬†‘1’

or perhaps

  • if your number n is even:¬†n <– n /2;¬†
  • if your number n is a multiply of 3: n<–n/3
  • if your number n is a multiply of 5: n<–n/5
  • else : n<–7*n+1
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number n¬†‘1’

Conclusion,¬†Collatz Conjecture isn’t about 3*N+1, but it’s more about 5*N+1, 7*N+1 …. , P*N+1 where P stands for a prime¬†number


31 12 2015


[Re-Volt] Track in progress…. I repeat 2 tracks in progress

6 04 2015

Hello everyone, how is it going?

It has been a long time since my last post… it has been erm…. a long long long time indeed.


Well, I have been up to no good recently, hoping this would change….


So; today I’m presenting my track… “JumpTime” (Parkour), the good news is that it’s going to be released within a month, the bad news is that… it not efficient (in term of graphics). You’re going to notice a lot of unexplored areas once released. This would lead to either of two decisions to be made: Start a derivate version OR start a track that uses these graphics. There is a higher probability of the second case, but the first case is also probable.


Also to note, that this track is “easy” with “hard parts“. It’s all based on ground (no fly moments, that’s my final decision and R6TurboExtreme’s advice).


Below is a screenshot of the current progress. (not the final lolol)




Best regards!r01 r03 r04 r00

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