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18 08 2014

May your day be a good day,00

hello all 🙂


So today I’m going to present two sites that I’ve been fond of so much lately and that helped me a lot, so grateful that I’m going to share them as well as sharing some experience about them: the first is edX, the second is Coursera.





So, what are edX, coursera? 

If we put them in a simple word: “free-online-learning”. And that’s it!
Professor propose every week a series of video of different lengths as well as homeworks (to be done before due time). Then perhaps final exams and ‘labs’ in some courses.

At the end if you get above a specified-by-professor score (doing everything in time and correctly), you’ll succeed and get a certification of achievement for it. Otherwise, you’ll gain an experience but no certification .

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Most of professors offer either a week or two to view videos as well as doing homeworks.
For exams and QCM based homeworks, either they offer ‘unlimited time’ or some time (2 hours for instance) to submit your work.

So if you miss a homework for instance, make sure that you have got enough score to succeed.

Among courses I have taken:

  • the famous 6.002x Electronics and Circuits (60% needed to pass : labs+homeworks+2 exams)
  • Introduction to computing with Java (50%: QCMs + programming + exam + project)
  • EFPL’s Introduction to Java OOP (75% needed about 250 or 350 points: java programming )
  • Creative Programming for Mobile and desktop (40% : 6 QCMs + 3 ‘creative programming’ projects cast on a video)





You said free, right?

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Absolutely, edX may offer “verified certification” (just like Coursera).With possibility to pay for a verified certification.

The verified certification is a certification that comes with your full name and your photo, of course you’ll have to pay for it. Courses Materials are the same but you’ll have more superiority for assistance and a few more additions to normal people.

Sadly People from Tunisia can’t pay for what’s outside it, say, not impossible but very difficult. So they ought to learn freely.

Anyway, the fee you pay is none other than a contribution to professors as well as the platform. If you could then go ahead I’m already plenty grateful for what they helped me and would pay if I was able to.





I want to learn Computer Sciences, is it possible?

Of course! edX coursera and Udacity don’t usually offer the possibility to learn ‘computer sciences’, rather they offer number of subjects related to that field.

For instance, you want to learn Computer sciences? You’ll have to learn functional programming, Object-Oriented programming, algorithms. Then you could learn Computer architecture, Hardware/software interface, Creative programming, Parallel programming, Android programming or Aruduino/Micro-controller programming. Tada!



What could I learn

Many things, from literatures, humanities,history, battles/wars. Computer sciences, Technology<-> Information, Computers architecture, Software engineering, Science of Computer.  Electrics, Electronics, mechanics, materials, energy and much much more.

Available in different languages (according to subject/professor): English, French, Spanish, Chinese even Arabic, etc…

Some courses offer (like CS50x) different transliterations as well as language subtitles so you could enjoy.

The courses are offered from prestigious universities: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, RICE, Georgia, Washington, Kyoto, Tokyo, HKUST from Hong Kong, Beijing, London, EFPL, EP X de France, etc…




Is it suitable for me?

Perhaps I don’t know, you ought to check that by yourself. It could be found under “Recommended background” in coursera or “Prerequisites” in edX.


Showing different prereq

Showing different prereq



Have a super day!

[myBlog] R6TE’s blog! Here it comes.

22 07 2014

Hello people how is it going?

Nothing much to talk about, I wished for a busy holiday and I got it :), and for the first time in holidays, no Re-Volt project is especially ‘active’.


So, yeah R6TurboExtreme (R6TE, Thomas) has recently opened a new blog you have got to see if you’re interested in everything about electronics (arduino, computers) as well as computer engineering and computer sciences (programming, 3D).

I’ve actually loved it already xD.


So, drop by http://thomasboots.wordpress.com/  anytime soon.

[myBlog] Erm… Opera farewell?

28 04 2014

As Opera have stated that there will be one final version of Opera 12 , the Opera with taste of Opera engines. (see This for more info) . It’s clear that the next version of Opera 12 will trigger the Bad End of Opera company, the same mistake done by other companies.

But, I didn’t expect mid-2014 to be this soon, perhaps I didn’t expect it to be yesterday… or maybe not? who knows… After all no one from staff said that’s the final version (only rumors said so) .


YESSIR! I’ve always believed in moving on (upgrade to a newer version) is bad unless necessary. I was once a VB6 developer and after years of fighting against .NET, I had no choice but to move to VB.NET (2008) since there wasn’t much eligible candidates that could take its place… say what Java? C#? C++? Ruby? … What are those???… if only Python was there for me back then…Jabaco didn’t advance and so yep sir VB 2008.


Coming back to Opera… Opera 9 was the best browser the time Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari having great time dealing with things. But soon later, a new candidate (I was joking about in 2008) called Google Chrome (we were chatting: hey guys, loooook Google has a new browser and it’s called Chrome… hahaha [#revolt-chat, 2008]). Just few more years and here is Google Chrome to become the best erm… browser yes that’s the word (talking about fitting sites for the browser and fit the browser to the site directly, of course we mustn’t complain, a site is made for the browser and the browser made for the site should get us the best browser running a best site … de facto!)

So, the first question would be why opera when we have Chrome? You are asking the wrong question here, my boy.

  • Opera has a good memory management and an excellent one. Run it from 500 mhz or 3 Ghz pc. it’s all in memory. Open tons of tabs: nothing will change much.
  • Mouse gestures (flawless one, native). drag your mouse to left, right or click at right button+wheel to move from tabs
  • Security. Not activeX, no Geckos, no problems no sir…. only Presto..
  • Mail management: read, compose from your browser (in text or html version)
  • RSS and Atom reader: Read news from your browser
  • Chat (IRC) bundled as well as torrent client (built-in)
  • Great developers tools (and now Chrome, Firefox have copied it already…), still I prefer the original
  • Hide pictures, don’t allow plugins until you activate them (a special Opera mode)
  • HAD a great html5 support (and now it’s now good in front of the others as devs no longer forseek opera 12)

The best browser is now called Google Chrome, but I believe as soon as Opera Presto have sources released, that browser should become (if in good hands) the best browser anytime soon, I guarantee it in one condition: that’s Good hands

[Blog] Origami party in ENIS!

11 12 2013

Yo everyone, How do you do? Genki desu ka, watashi wa hontoni genki desu!

Tomorrow (GW) we’ll be throwing a party (no liquids or anything, just papers *like professionals*) and to be precise Origami party.

Thursday Dec’12th 2013
Place: Department of Computer Sciences (Informatique) Engineers. Amphi. 4
Time: 13:00 (12:00 GMT)

-For more information :http://www.cji-enis.com/2013/12/origami-party.html


Best regards!


[myBlog] “Re-Volt, Jump Time, Free shots”

11 05 2013

Hello Hello and welcome to my humble blog which there is nothing impressive!
First, thanks for reading this [s]piece of c-rap[/s] humble post of mine

Now, fellow Re-Volters, be ready to face a [s]piece of clap[/s] news: Car-Load is NOT dead! but yeah it hasn’t been developed either…
As a reminder, Car::Load (Car:Load) is `[s]supposed to be[/s]` full Re-Volt Car Editor but due to lack of time, this project is paused
Also to note that the whole C_L engine was redone to be ‘OpenGL’ and not ‘Irrlicht’. It’s also fully planned ([s]salt[/s] ink and [s]pepper[/s] paper) what remains is someone who has free time to do the programming.
Note: After finishing the GUI (if it goes along God’s will) A smart “help and suggestions” engine will be also developed. It should contain tips I got from “Burner94, Citywalker, Skarma [in case I forgot to ask him I’ll do that later], MythicMonkey, Halogaland, Cat[in case I forgot to ask him I’ll do that later]” (the masters of Car Section of RVZT)
so yeah, just like mentioned
Also Car Load (after the GUI, and God’s will) will contain language choice and “car shape generator” well that’s all I have got to say for now so hold your horses
So, Yesterday and the day before I have got into so much pressure so I end up by making a new track based on Parkour’s layout named “Jump Time”, it’s mostly similar to Fiddlers, Uncle Mugen’s school roof, Re-Ville and Rooftops”. For now i have no intention to finish it right away so I have finished writing the ideas and so I’ll later resume it after a month (After God’s will).

So, Please don’t expect from me too much… that’s what I have done in 5~6 hours… and I advise you to check MarvTheM’s marvelous work (Backyard).
Now, about Freebies, here are some wallpapers/shots as a “sorry for no posting”

People who are interested about the art of Anime and VN’s bishoujou. I have learned how to deal with Photoshop so I can draw faces now and eyes as well. the body should be fine but one problem though… “Hands” (and profile, side-view).
You just need to draw them in ink and paper (or tablet) then convert using lines (if Using AI) or your nice strokes/”mouse and pens”.
3Ds max + Paint.NET + Photoshop = CG and backgrounds
I am still inexperienced though but I hope I’ll do my best on my next projects (White VN, The Missing Desk’s NVL etc) [After God’s will]

Well that’s all what I have to say, thanks for reading and see ya soon

Long time, I’m still alive

11 08 2012

Hello, How is it going? 🙂

I just want to inform you that I’m still alive and studies didn’t kill me and I’m just fine after 2 months of holidays

Unlike what I thought, Matrix studies during this years weren’t enough and I’ll be waiting another year so no New-Volt this year either. (Don’t worry I already mastered Ogre3D’s Mogre3D)

You can see the intention of Balor Knight and WeGoI about developing a new Re-Volt for portable devices. They have the right to do anything.

[myBlog] What would happen if you study too much

31 05 2012

First, praise to God that I’m still alive and kicking and hoping to pass this year.

Now, I’ll write some of the results of 4 weeks of revision / studying and full mind usage:

  •  Backache: terrible pain in the Lumbar (lower-medium part) from Sunday (one day before exams and for some days)
  • Headaches
  • Backache: terrible pain in the cervical (higher part) and sacral spine (lower part)
  • Eyes: muscles, unable to move them without pain + red eyes
  • Muscles: unable to lift my hands (or they’re shaking)
  • Coughing (since yesterday, reason unknown)

That what happened to me. Well, I’m recovering (GW) and that’s what’s good about it!

my advice: never excessively study! do your best but don’t stay up too much at night and have a nice sleep.

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