[Re-Volt] New Track: Forbidden Area 1

14 08 2020

After 2 years of interrupted work and last day of vacation, Forbidden Area 1 is finally finished! (almost finished, don’t mind the bugs)

This track serves as first instalment in the series “Forbidden Area”. It also incorporates animation and texture animation.

The track was started on my birthday 2 years ago with sketches heavily influenced from Portal, Portal 2. By then, I understood perfectly that due to the limited free time and the quality to be assured, not to mention that I would like something I personally enjoy doing and racing, etc. by then the first sketches were heavily modified to ensure more racing and from just “Forbidden Area” track, it is now just “one Forbidden Area track that has all the rooms!” So in a way I and perhaps you, the reader, could consider it as an introduction to the whole universe.

The work flow was not constant: the stay-at-home weekends and the stay-at-home holidays, the remaining time at home during vacations, and stay-at-home stay-at-home-after-work-no-more-pc. Therefore, many things were done in pipeline / modular, causing inconsistency in the art itself, as well as more bugs. Nonetheless, the work plan was followed until Corona times. The track was previously scheduled for March 2020, but then delayed to August’14th 2020.

Grab it from RVZ: http://revoltzone.net/tracks/52549/Forbidden%20Area%201

2048×2048 Texture patch: https://mega.nz/file/oB4DwA7Q#60pyxOsdC95ddpUJRXcmEcAx6yC-2e43GpckZXUB4mI

Some screenshots of the RVZ (512×512) version:

How was it done?

Planning the raceline: using pencil and papers, the plan was redone multiple times. Few ideas are genius, few ideas are stupid. Then own quality control on the plan to ensure everything looks fine.
Then, the modeling part was started. The planning was not 100% sure so, nor was the sizing of the track, so the plan/modeling/test cycle. Once the consistency is found: textures were added, and so the: plan/modeling+tex/test cycle. This has been carried out until the racepath became visible.

The new pipeline architecture became “Makeitgood” and modeling+texturing. Then models to be made were numerous and the time was limited. The planning was rectified even more and more. The pipeline work was carried out with many makeitgood items being finished (EXCEPT AI NODES, THEY NEVER FINISH) and modeling at early August 2020. The final quality assurance was added to work pipeline, this is where I discovered an annoying part of myself that’s looking for great quality and perfectionism if possible. Many modeling bugs, errors in makeitgood were spotted. 80% are fixed, 20% I wish you could forgive my limited time for them 😦

The big day has come: August’13th. Everything is finished. Except the annoying camera collision problem… it is probably going to take more than expected. Destructed city took me one day to fix all the bugs…. Here, the deadline for the track was August’14th…. and one bug gave me full despair. It was then I asked in Re-Volt’s #tracks discord team whether someone was familiar with this. It turned out to be yes! and from 1 to 3 days of work, mrroblinx fixed it a jiffy!
Then final tests included AI nodes tests (which the QA was “fine”) and here we have at 14th of August 2020 a finished track!



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