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Hello and welcome again to my blog,

Today, I’m going to introduce RV Car Studio for the public. Although not much to say, just it’s stable enough to compete with Car::Load and yeah… prealpha too!
RV Car Studio is designed for both professionals and beginners.
You can edit parameters.txt (Pro editor) and see changes in the window and vice versa.
and also, you can just use few clicks and got the car edited!
And you don’t need to be concerned about “Y-upside down” or “Models slots” since RV Car studio took care of it.

Download v2.0.0.620 from here

Best regards!


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Car::Load is back! This time it’s no longer named “Car::Load” but now it’s called “Rv Car Studio”. Why? because as the name say. It’s a commitment to develop a decent car editor for a such great game such as Re-Volt by combining a super editor usable by both beginners and professionals and combining the experience and the knowledge of great people: Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Halogaland, Burner94 into tips.


For now, I don’t intend to release a version right now (until I make sure it’s good enough to be released)




So, that’s why the only thing I can offer right now is just this video










Best regards!


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Hello everyone, how is it going?

So I’ve finally decided to drop support to the closed source Car Load and shake hands with the new “RV Car Studio”, open source and GNU GPL.

RV Car Studio is a complete remake of Car Load, based on OpenGL rather than Irrlicht/DirectX. It’s fully programmed in Visual Basic 2008. Thus, TexYUI is the final of ‘nVolt based line’ and Riko should be the first of “VoltGL-based line”.

It also contains more advanced tools and more advanced car editing stuffs. It should support both of Blender, 3Ds max and Zmod exported cars.

It also contain a “Tip system” which can help you along car making (Tips are by Halogaland, Burner94, Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Zipperrulez and myself).

A lot of Click to modify (few of few typing on keyboard) along ‘autocalculate’ stuffs.

The first Release Candidate is dated (GW) to be released in two weeks

More news will be coming later.


Special Thanks to Marv, Skarma and Zipperrulez. Thanks to Citywalker, MythicMonkey and everyone in RV Community.

Some screenies

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So today I’m presenting my newest tool which I developed from a CarLighting fork blended with Car::Load 2 (or RV Car Studio).

RIKO is an advanced version of ‘Carlighter’

Unlike Car Lighting, Riko has more reqs.
1. An Installed and used Car::Load (version 1.4 and above)
2. .NET framework 3.5

What can Riko do:
1. Set a Light Normal (direction of light)
2. Set a Light Distance (Light position)
3. Multiplier (Light Intensity)
4. Base Color

5. A stupid banner, which will be used (G.W) in Car Studio (C::L v2) for suggestions
6. Textured/Untextured mode (even yeah I saw that bug but I’m in rush….)



Download link


Here is also the latest version of “Demo of MakeTrans”

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Hello Hello and welcome to my humble blog which there is nothing impressive!
First, thanks for reading this [s]piece of c-rap[/s] humble post of mine

Now, fellow Re-Volters, be ready to face a [s]piece of clap[/s] news: Car-Load is NOT dead! but yeah it hasn’t been developed either…
As a reminder, Car::Load (Car:Load) is `[s]supposed to be[/s]` full Re-Volt Car Editor but due to lack of time, this project is paused
Also to note that the whole C_L engine was redone to be ‘OpenGL’ and not ‘Irrlicht’. It’s also fully planned ([s]salt[/s] ink and [s]pepper[/s] paper) what remains is someone who has free time to do the programming.
Note: After finishing the GUI (if it goes along God’s will) A smart “help and suggestions” engine will be also developed. It should contain tips I got from “Burner94, Citywalker, Skarma [in case I forgot to ask him I’ll do that later], MythicMonkey, Halogaland, Cat[in case I forgot to ask him I’ll do that later]” (the masters of Car Section of RVZT)
so yeah, just like mentioned
Also Car Load (after the GUI, and God’s will) will contain language choice and “car shape generator” well that’s all I have got to say for now so hold your horses
So, Yesterday and the day before I have got into so much pressure so I end up by making a new track based on Parkour’s layout named “Jump Time”, it’s mostly similar to Fiddlers, Uncle Mugen’s school roof, Re-Ville and Rooftops”. For now i have no intention to finish it right away so I have finished writing the ideas and so I’ll later resume it after a month (After God’s will).

So, Please don’t expect from me too much… that’s what I have done in 5~6 hours… and I advise you to check MarvTheM’s marvelous work (Backyard).
Now, about Freebies, here are some wallpapers/shots as a “sorry for no posting”

People who are interested about the art of Anime and VN’s bishoujou. I have learned how to deal with Photoshop so I can draw faces now and eyes as well. the body should be fine but one problem though… “Hands” (and profile, side-view).
You just need to draw them in ink and paper (or tablet) then convert using lines (if Using AI) or your nice strokes/”mouse and pens”.
3Ds max + Paint.NET + Photoshop = CG and backgrounds
I am still inexperienced though but I hope I’ll do my best on my next projects (White VN, The Missing Desk’s NVL etc) [After God’s will]

Well that’s all what I have to say, thanks for reading and see ya soon

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Voted on Re-Volt Live’s track and car of the year yet? “fech testanna” (What are you waiting for?)

It’s open until January’6th  2013

link: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/index.php?showforum=4




Speaking about Re-Votl Live, now tools section is open, for public.

Also, Don’t forget to check the new Car Load (RvCarStudio is its codename) It’s preview version but I can see your drool :9


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Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

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