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Hello everyone, how is it going?

So I’ve finally decided to drop support to the closed source Car Load and shake hands with the new “RV Car Studio”, open source and GNU GPL.

RV Car Studio is a complete remake of Car Load, based on OpenGL rather than Irrlicht/DirectX. It’s fully programmed in Visual Basic 2008. Thus, TexYUI is the final of ‘nVolt based line’ and Riko should be the first of “VoltGL-based line”.

It also contains more advanced tools and more advanced car editing stuffs. It should support both of Blender, 3Ds max and Zmod exported cars.

It also contain a “Tip system” which can help you along car making (Tips are by Halogaland, Burner94, Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Zipperrulez and myself).

A lot of Click to modify (few of few typing on keyboard) along ‘autocalculate’ stuffs.

The first Release Candidate is dated (GW) to be released in two weeks

More news will be coming later.


Special Thanks to Marv, Skarma and Zipperrulez. Thanks to Citywalker, MythicMonkey and everyone in RV Community.

Some screenies


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Forgot to share this earlier

Thanks to Revolt Frontend 😉

[Tutorial] TexYUI (Advanced)

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Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

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Hello, this is Car::Load (later named Car.Load() ) v1.2 ‘s source code

If you’re looking for the binary (.exe) of Car.Load and the latest version, it’s by the time I’m writing 1.8.4i and can be found in Category: Car::Load

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pick world
generate texanim

(to pick a world file and make a texanim file near of it)


to get to path, open file , edit it


: make a fast backup

pick texanim

(to get to texanim)

getByTex A

: get all polies textured to A


getByTex A: convert quads
: converts all the A-mapped meshes to quads
getByTex A: animate

: animate the first 16 A-mapped meshes (if it’s <16, then it will be alright)


for 1->12 14 17->29: convert quads
: convert meshes 1,2,3,..12, 14, 17,18,19…29 to quads
for 17->29: animate

: animate meshes 17,18,19,…,28,29


: launch Re-Volt

Note: It’s possible to load external script file using:
1. batch file (cmd): w_console “”
2. inside w_console:

script <path>

an external script file is composed from commands seperated by new line, example:


restore 0
texanim C:\program files\acclaim\revolt\radiosity\radiosity.w_framelist.txt
getByTex A: convert quads
getByTex A: animate

special thanks to Dave for staying with me so late smile.gif
and thanks to people involved directly and indirectly with the project (nero, ZR, miro, ali, DarkSabre, tux, rvtt, adx,…)

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This week’s progress (download link)

– Aerial is fixed (forever)

– “Cage button”

– memory used/ car index

– new command line argument: /load; /loadlast

– restart the program is improved

– wheels fixed

– Skidmark width calculator fixed

–  Toggle texture/untextured

– PRM, rvminis built-in GUI is fixed (and will be later improved)

– one wheel parameters => copy to other wheels

– Aero mode improved

– spinner speed fixed  (unlike Re-Volt)

– Paint Mode activated

[Full] Todo list:

– HULL render/preview (possibility: built-in Hull editor)

– fix axles, springs and pins using cylindrical bases (instead of Cartesian one)

– wheel 3D editing (fix)

– skidmark’s width’s GUI

– Scale, opacity width

– On(prm/rvminis) => refresh

– Render window : Resize 

– two wheels and auto generate other wheels

– Implement Car manager’s stock car detection

– Implement ZIP archiving, .exe self-extract format

– Global refresh

– PIN, axles, spring, aerial, spinner editing

– wheel editing and wheel’s 2nd offset editing

–  IrrLicht NET CP and Meshbuffer problem (going to contact the admin I guess)

– render UV map

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Hello, this is the pre alpha version of 1.8.3, the version that should be able to fix the whole graphic problems (or should be that left for v1.9?) and also able to fully edit Re-Volt parameters

It includes additional (new and fixed stuffs), I recall:

– Restarting program/added changing rendering engine warning

– floor

– (fake shadow)

– ENVmap / Alpha channel (sadly irrLicht doesn’t support both of them at the same time)

– sounds

– Light + Goraud (= bad results)

– bug fix


Download Link (note it may contain some bugs)

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha preview



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