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Hello people

I’m here today presenting my newest reformulation of ‘KDL’ language which was halted for 3 years

The new language whose syntax is [will be] heavily based on ‘Algorithmique’  (The programming language taught in Prépa system in Tunisia [more precisely IPEIS]) and ‘KDL v0.01‘ as well as BASIC. The new language will aim at: Students and Scholar systems, new programmers, algorithmic testers, young people (children, adolescents and young), files and batch programmers and interested people.

This language will have two faces: Algo and KDL (defining by Algo goes like: var x: real while defining in KDL goes like: define x as real)

Currently the language is available for first tests (supporting shell/interactive shell mode) and available for Public testing here


Documentation/batch example and KDL are found in this package : download from here 



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Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

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And with source code’s long chain, we still have one source code left 😉

Car Shader’s source code, can be dlded from here

Binary is found in related article

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this is the general of frame list in Re-Volt


Technically, it just calculates the framelist that’s all.

Download (source and binary) [.exe is found in bin\debug\ ] 

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Hello, this is Car::Load (later named Car.Load() ) v1.2 ‘s source code

If you’re looking for the binary (.exe) of Car.Load and the latest version, it’s by the time I’m writing 1.8.4i and can be found in Category: Car::Load

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A small program for browsing Diva Project’s PC version file I’ve made for myself.

Created for learning purposes

Don’t forget to change paths!

Download from here

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Along this week (inchlh), everyday there will be a code source uploaded automatically (scheduled), from less important to most important including learning purpose code sources.

All code sources are simple (or so I hope…) to understand

So hold your horses 😉

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