[News] Car::Load’s future

25 02 2012

Hello everybody

I’ve recently made a decision about car.load’s planning (thanks to people who helped me along planning)


Car.Load will now include a small program  ‘CarEd’ (just bought up its name right now x) ) and it’ll be bundled with ‘Edit’


This CarEd will feature a full car studio using openGL (openTK) for additional viewport views  and a real 2D/3D editor (and likely precision degree will be good enough)

remaining is, when it will be released: after being developed: in 1 month -> 1 month and 15 days

!Car::Load, Re-Volt> Car::Load’s release is going to delay

12 10 2011

Car::Load’s release is going to delay a little bit (I’m already up to my neck right now)

I can’t promise anything, but, I think I can finish a very stable w_console and a Halloween track by the end of December… along with Car::Load [inchlh]


just another blog post, don’t mind this 😉


[Re-Volt] Car::Load -> the End

16 04 2011

Car::Load is now officially closed

(Sources can be found here)
new project has just started with the name: “Car Manager::Reload” , a program that “arrange your cars”, “preview”, “edit” and “publish” your cars. it’s composed from Car::Load, RHQ Car Manager and Rv Garage’s concept.
The program has the bases and engines already done, the alpha release will be out very soon.

Many thanks to:
– Zipperrulez
– Burner94
– gLabel creators
– Krisss
– miro, nero, R6TE, and every Re-Volt player/editor

[Re-Volt][News]Car::Load v1.6 !

2 04 2011

Hello, this is the first Car::Load’s public preview
Current release: v1.6
it still has a lot of bugs to be fixed still it’s “runnable”


from box.net other mirrors

You are going to need .NET framework 3.5, Consolas Font, Calibri Font to run it in a proper way.

News: On the fly project: Re-Volt Live AD

23 03 2011

and it should by ready in max 1~2 days [inchlh]hold your horses 😉

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