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Vous aimez apprendre langage C (ou C++) mais vous n’arrivez pas à comprendre les pointeurs?

Pas de problème, voici un p’tit résumé de cours + Exercices corrigés (initialisé par Mr Hafedh Trabelsi)



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Aujourd’hui je vous propose un petit résumé cours-compte_rendu sur langage C élaboré essentiellement par le groupe dont j’appartiens (baah, le boulot d’écriture est sur moi 🙂 ). Ce cours est un petit homework demandé par notre Professeur Mr. Hafedh Trabelsi. Je le recommende pour ce qui sont motivés à apprendre C.

Encore, Je ne suis pas un expert en C, alors SVP de signaler toute erreur.

To Re-volters, yes, you are right. Actually I’ve added some of my code sources translated to C (mainly Car Load) and also some of Re-Volt’s code source ^^.

Télécharger/Voir à partir de ce lien

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[KDL] Progress?

__KDL [programming language] progress___
First, thank you for your interest in KDL (the programming language).
It was indeed a great surprise to see it not only alive, even the alpha version is being downloaded about 5 times/week.

Right now, KDL’s engine is being redesigned and reprogrammed and has a lot to be done before releasing the next version.

For more *upcoming* info., please visit the project’s website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdl/ or my blog@ thekdl.wordpress.com (tag KDL) .

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So today, I was checking my email box when I found this mail

So, suddenly, I found myself standing, face glued on screen trying to figure out the ‘blurred’ words! I was EXTREMELY HAPPY 😀

It’s very very very very great to see that my modest work is featured on Softpedia, the GREATEST software guide and best site to download software from!

Softpedia’s KDL entry

Softpedia’s ‘100% free’ award

So, I’ll try to do my best to improve it! Softpedia and Softpedia guys! Great thanks to you all!


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[KDL] KDL alpha 1.1

Hello, KDL alpha 1.1 is finally out!

Source forge (download)

Website  (help and reference)

 Youtube video  (demonstration and tests)


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Hello people

I’m here today presenting my newest reformulation of ‘KDL’ language which was halted for 3 years

The new language whose syntax is [will be] heavily based on ‘Algorithmique’  (The programming language taught in Prépa system in Tunisia [more precisely IPEIS]) and ‘KDL v0.01‘ as well as BASIC. The new language will aim at: Students and Scholar systems, new programmers, algorithmic testers, young people (children, adolescents and young), files and batch programmers and interested people.

This language will have two faces: Algo and KDL (defining by Algo goes like: var x: real while defining in KDL goes like: define x as real)

Currently the language is available for first tests (supporting shell/interactive shell mode) and available for Public testing here


Documentation/batch example and KDL are found in this package : download from here 


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Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

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