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Hello everyone, how is it going?

It has been a long time since my last post… it has been erm…. a long long long time indeed.


Well, I have been up to no good recently, hoping this would change….


So; today I’m presenting my track… “JumpTime” (Parkour), the good news is that it’s going to be released within a month, the bad news is that… it not efficient (in term of graphics). You’re going to notice a lot of unexplored areas once released. This would lead to either of two decisions to be made: Start a derivate version OR start a track that uses these graphics. There is a higher probability of the second case, but the first case is also probable.


Also to note, that this track is “easy” with “hard parts“. It’s all based on ground (no fly moments, that’s my final decision and R6TurboExtreme’s advice).


Below is a screenshot of the current progress. (not the final lolol)




Best regards!r01 r03 r04 r00


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Re-Volt DEV version

Re-Volt DEV version.

now available in Re-Volt Frontend 🙂


DEV version on wiki
Dev cars

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Re-Volt doesn’t support windows 8 by default. Not talking about the old Re-Volt 1.0 patch 1207 or CD version, but our new Re-Volt 1.2.


Here below a solution to make Re-Volt available in Windows 8

The idea consists of making an executable (batch file .bat or .cmd) which launches Re-Volt in “-emulatefullscreen -window” mode.



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[Re-Volt] future?

It’s pretty clear to most of us that the game Re-Volt doesn’t have much to live.

This was to be expected. However it was delayed more than once because of fans’ support.


This time it’s different. Fans are no longer supporting fans. Our main supporters Jigebren and Huki are no longer into scene (those who developed Re-Volt 1.2) .World-class Trackmakers have others things to do… and people are no longer supporting others (except few).


The solution is simple enough however it’s going to take much time: a new Re-Volt (which is NOT FROM WEGO interactive) , probably to be made from scratch and with everyone’s help. However it’s up to those “everyone” how are they picked.


So let’s enjoy the 15th year of Re-Volt for now….

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Hello everyone, how are you?


Finally, ase2rv9 is almost to be released

ase2w: adjectives were improved. Groups can be exported.

texanim2w:a new software to add texture animation from ase file or framelist.

A sourceforge project will be also soon registered (G.W)



On the second hand, I also have a track previously codenamed as Parkour then JumpTime then Allons-y Jump time

Now finally settled to be named “JumpTime 19:40” (yes that’s a time)


Quick screenie (yes sadly not finished yet….):


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This video shows how to : get the alpha version of Re-Volt (the best one), install it.

And should fix Windows 8’s lag problem.


The video also applies for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (you don’t need to do the notepad thing, it’s Windows 8 only problem).

Fixes: Flip Buffer problem, SOME of Z-Buffer problem, Re-Volt crash on start for Windows Vista,7,8.

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