Hello people how is it going?

Nothing much to talk about, I wished for a busy holiday and I got it :), and for the first time in holidays, no Re-Volt project is especially ‘active’.


So, yeah R6TurboExtreme (R6TE, Thomas) has recently opened a new blog you have got to see if you’re interested in everything about electronics (arduino, computers) as well as computer engineering and computer sciences (programming, 3D).

I’ve actually loved it already xD.


So, drop by http://thomasboots.wordpress.com/  anytime soon.


[Re-Volt] future?

It’s pretty clear to most of us that the game Re-Volt doesn’t have much to live.

This was to be expected. However it was delayed more than once because of fans’ support.


This time it’s different. Fans are no longer supporting fans. Our main supporters Jigebren and Huki are no longer into scene (those who developed Re-Volt 1.2) .World-class Trackmakers have others things to do… and people are no longer supporting others (except few).


The solution is simple enough however it’s going to take much time: a new Re-Volt (which is NOT FROM WEGO interactive) , probably to be made from scratch and with everyone’s help. However it’s up to those “everyone” how are they picked.


So let’s enjoy the 15th year of Re-Volt for now….

Hello everyone, how are you?


Finally, ase2rv9 is almost to be released

ase2w: adjectives were improved. Groups can be exported.

texanim2w:a new software to add texture animation from ase file or framelist.

A sourceforge project will be also soon registered (G.W)



On the second hand, I also have a track previously codenamed as Parkour then JumpTime then Allons-y Jump time

Now finally settled to be named “JumpTime 19:40” (yes that’s a time)


Quick screenie (yes sadly not finished yet….):


This video shows how to : get the alpha version of Re-Volt (the best one), install it.

And should fix Windows 8’s lag problem.


The video also applies for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (you don’t need to do the notepad thing, it’s Windows 8 only problem).

Fixes: Flip Buffer problem, SOME of Z-Buffer problem, Re-Volt crash on start for Windows Vista,7,8.


Aujourd’hui, je vais présenter un petit projet que nous étions conseillé de faire (baah… c’était plutôt optionnel ….) .

Donc c’est un projet “Schéma d’une maison” (matière schéma electrique).

Le projet donc à présenter est composé de 2 sous projets (enfin, le 3ème est annulé faute de temps…)

– Projet Autocad: vue de toît (ou de haut) présentant le schéma architectural électrique en 2D.

– Projet Sweethome3D+3Ds max: Maison câblée en 3D.

En effet, manque de temps, j’ai pas pu résolu tous les erreurs du version client  [preview du maison dans un client (application) en dehors du 3Ds max]

Télécharger version finale (dernier mis à jour Samedi 10 mai 2014)

Aperçu rapide (fichier client mentionné ci-dessus) : Fichier binaire (x86\release\schloader.exe)

Code Source du client

Ce fichier peut être ouvert à l’aide de 7-zip ( www.7-zip.org )
le projet est licencié sous CC BY-SA-NC (Share-alike, non-commercial) et peut être réutilisé tant que vous laissez un p’tit crédit  (initialisé par Ahmed Yahia Kallel) quelque part dans un fichier texte!

A new track, car of the month’s video is up. Enjoy!

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