[myBlog] Note on how to browse a “multi-content” blog like mine

26 05 2011


Well, Everybody has its own taste, that’s for sure. And that taste is usually controlled by place, time, personality and other things.

Thus, who are browsing a “multi-content” blog (like mine for example) will have a little problem because some points may get them angry or they want to just avoid them.

so.. Here is how to browse

  Now, usually, the blogs that feature many stuffs are “tag-oriented” or “categories-oriented”, it depends on the creator’s mentality and how he sees the blogging. also, it’s possible to find a blog having both of them at the same time.

Now about “Category browsing”, on your right (not sure if you noticed it or not), there is a calendar showing you the date I’ve been posting (or scheduling my posts to). That’s actually meant for analyzing blog’s activity (yeah I know 😦 )

Just below, there are categories, where you can browse the different categories of the blog (for example: Re-Volt, Visual Basic, Programming, 3D modeling etc..)

Each topic is assigned to a category or more than a one, thus, you’re going to find everything organized in a very tidy way.

Tags-oriented (not the case of wordpress.com’s blogs)

At the bottom of the page, you’re going to find the different tags of the current blog, (for example: Life,  Apple, Linux, Windows, etc…).

Now about viewing older blog posts, just go to the bottom of the page, you’re going to find “Older posts” and you know what does that mean.

Have a nice surfing 😉

moved back to Blog’s life

23 03 2011

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omatase shimashite!
Now it’s back to where it’s supposed to be : WordPress.com (peace and confidence)!
have a nice day 😉

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