[Re-Volt] Re-Volt and Windows 8

22 07 2014

Re-Volt doesn’t support windows 8 by default. Not talking about the old Re-Volt 1.0 patch 1207 or CD version, but our new Re-Volt 1.2.


Here below a solution to make Re-Volt available in Windows 8

The idea consists of making an executable (batch file .bat or .cmd) which launches Re-Volt in “-emulatefullscreen -window” mode.



[Re-Volt] W_Console, wrong packaging

3 10 2011

for everyone who downloaded the package last night, thanks for re-downloading it again (again, a wrong package was uploaded)
The program is now cross-platform and able to run on:
1. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven (under .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0)
2. Linux-based (Ubuntu 11, Fedora etc…) (under Mono 2.0 or Wine+.NET 2.0)
3. MacOS (under mono)

Mono 2.0/ .NET 2.0 (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS) package

Wine Package (for Linux/Mac OS) package

Note(1): For Mac OS, Mono Framework is needed in order to launch the program. use terminal for launching the program

Note(2): Linux users can launch W_Console using Mono or Wine.
To launch from Mono, just write

Mono “W_Console NET 2.0.exe”

The other way, is to use Wine package, just double click on the exe.

[Blog] Bye Windows

30 04 2011

So long Windows, Welcome Ubuntu 11.04

Due to some problems and etc… I decided to move forward, thus by saying good bye Windows and say hello to Unix: Ubuntu 11.04 was chosen over MacOS (or HackOS to be precise) .

Currently I’ll be hanging from times to times to Windows for finishing pending projects but this would be very rare.

To be honest, at first while, I didn’t like Ubuntu 11.04, it appeared like a MacOS to me, I mean I [not going to use word “hate”] am not a fan of MacOS because of several reasons


  • Global Menu(s) : one menu.
  • Control Box (aka close, reduce, maximize buttons) are on the left
  •  Dock menu is replaced with another menu (see the picture, on the left)
  • Not everything is one hundred percent free, now, there are shareware in Ubuntu

[myBlog] Presenting jDownloader

29 03 2011


Image via Wikipedia

Presenting jDownloader (j , yes, Java Runtime pack is needed), a Batch downloader’s best friend. I have recommended it for most of my friends, it’s so far the best legal free downloader (it doesn’t bypass or kill time or something, it just waits until the download start etc…)

jdownloader is totally free and is safe, after all I have used it for some time and it works like a charm! 🙂

linky: jDownloader

available for Linux, MacOS and windows (windoms?)

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