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15 06 2013

Hello everyone, how is it going?

So I’ve finally decided to drop support to the closed source Car Load and shake hands with the new “RV Car Studio”, open source and GNU GPL.

RV Car Studio is a complete remake of Car Load, based on OpenGL rather than Irrlicht/DirectX. It’s fully programmed in Visual Basic 2008. Thus, TexYUI is the final of ‘nVolt based line’ and Riko should be the first of “VoltGL-based line”.

It also contains more advanced tools and more advanced car editing stuffs. It should support both of Blender, 3Ds max and Zmod exported cars.

It also contain a “Tip system” which can help you along car making (Tips are by Halogaland, Burner94, Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Zipperrulez and myself).

A lot of Click to modify (few of few typing on keyboard) along ‘autocalculate’ stuffs.

The first Release Candidate is dated (GW) to be released in two weeks

More news will be coming later.


Special Thanks to Marv, Skarma and Zipperrulez. Thanks to Citywalker, MythicMonkey and everyone in RV Community.

Some screenies

[myBlog] Code Source upload week B-)

9 01 2012


Along this week (inchlh), everyday there will be a code source uploaded automatically (scheduled), from less important to most important including learning purpose code sources.

All code sources are simple (or so I hope…) to understand

So hold your horses 😉

[Physiques] Ondes progressives : Propagation du lumière (FR)

24 03 2011

C’est un dispositif que nous avons vu en classe, donc puisque je suis un peu… Comment peut-on dire… curieux? donc, je l’ai fait à l’aide de 3Ds max (2010), Irrlicht.NET, Visual Basic 2008 (VB.NET) , c’était vraiment facile que j’ai pas perdu trop de temps.


Il s’agit de régler la vitesse du tournage du disque, aussi la vitesse de propagation de lumière par milliseconde, et c’est tout J’ai attrappé l’immobilité avec 62 Mhz

Télécharger ici (binary) [Pack Framework.NET 3.5 si ça n’ a pas marché]

Code  source va être (bientôt) publié!

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