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Hello people

I’m here today presenting my newest reformulation of ‘KDL’ language which was halted for 3 years

The new language whose syntax is [will be] heavily based on ‘Algorithmique’  (The programming language taught in Prépa system in Tunisia [more precisely IPEIS]) and ‘KDL v0.01‘ as well as BASIC. The new language will aim at: Students and Scholar systems, new programmers, algorithmic testers, young people (children, adolescents and young), files and batch programmers and interested people.

This language will have two faces: Algo and KDL (defining by Algo goes like: var x: real while defining in KDL goes like: define x as real)

Currently the language is available for first tests (supporting shell/interactive shell mode) and available for Public testing here


Documentation/batch example and KDL are found in this package : download from here 



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One of the most terrible diseases of Tunisian educating system is “Philosophy” where simple-minded people, robot minded ones and expert philosopher are having exams, where simple-minded people are getting fair results, robot minded ones are getting the best ones and finally philosopher are getting the worst marks.

Philosophy in Tunisia means “not to think of anything except what’s in notebook”, thus, you’ll have to learn by heart (memorize) everything in the copybooks (notebooks) in order to get the best mark. To me, it’s pathetic to bone to hear about a such thing.

It’s not I hate philosophy, but I don’t like it either, it’s a weapon, that should be in right hands. Don’t give it to people who can’t understand, also, don’t give it to teachers. They’re not philosophers, they have just succeeded using copy paste. The philosophy comes from mind, not from copy paste.

And I believe that many people are opposing me right now, not because they got good marks but because they’re too ‘selfish’ to understand others’ feelings and minds. That’s why I would like to say

we don’t want Philosophy as in copy paste, Tunisia. We want the philosophy of “what’s here and doesn’t oppose to our mind, what’s there and logical” and not “give me the definition of …”, “what does the author want to say…”

The logica of Philosophy is: To get it from a philosopher, a real one.

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Light as he appears in the anime

Image via Wikipedia

I’m sick of hearing nothing but “Tunisian revolution: peace and fire cease”.

Certainly, we ALL know that we’re doomed, that include government and Tunisians as well, we perfectly know that.

Here is something from Anime Death note:

When Yagami Light saw the “1,500 detectives from ICPO coming to get Kira” he refused the idea

His family was totally surprised, they believed it

It was L (Eru) who ordered the television to publish a such news

Yagami Light said his comments, Eru was surprised first, later, he said he’s too perfect.

What the author wants to say is: only few of few can analyze what they see, the others do not. Eru with its ability able to control what they see, because he’s intelligent and powerful.

Analogy to Tunisia:

Most of the Tunisians aren’t conscious, careless and of course, selfish by nature of human been, exceptions are few. They believe whatever they see.

let me tell you something:

– Mr Sebsi (Béji) is too perfect to be true

– I don’t believe what Rajhi said is totally false, and I don’t think it’s totally true, either

– Mr Rajhi apologizing after one day

Primary Deductions :

– There is a total plan circulating around. Is Mr Rajhi involved with RCD or it’s RCD who found something against  MrRajhi and tried to use it for blackmailing him?

– Mr  Sebsi didn’t say a word since his last speech. Too honest people really scare me .[according to Law ‘perfection’, a “perfect human tends to be perfect in order to show off, no matter what he do he won’t get the virtue”, “Too perfect human being has a Too imperfect  side on him”]

– Are we having  watermelon judgment?

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Ceci est la partie 3D du film “Revolution” d’Aref Chaari. Animator’s cute. Enjoy 😉

The word means:

Tunis, Sfax: two cities in Tunisia

The building’s name is “Ibn Zohr”

non-Sfaxians: what is in Sfax after the buildings are highschools.

The last high school (the one in 3D)’s name is Habib Thameur (LHT) my high school 😉

The blue thing on the wall of this highschool is “Entry of Teachers and Parents”

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