[Re-Volt] RV Car Studio goes open source

31 12 2018

Hello Re-Volters! Happy new year 2019!

It has been 5 years since you have heard about RV Car Studio from my side. Since its release on 22nd December 2013.

After that, just couple of updates were released, all of them were minor, and no major release was committed.

Yes, RV Car Studio was not able to see more light as a lot of things have been going on in real life. At the end, the other tasks made it impossible to resume working on RV Car Studio despite my own will to commit on it. The decision to open source RV Car Studio is finally made today.

What is RV Car Studio? Basically just a tool for editing Re-Volt cars. Although it was intended to allow cars from scratch, right now, it can only help by editing the current settings of the cars. The features in RV Car Studio makes things very easy! You can automatically calculate Inertia Matrix, wheels positions, change the positions of 1, 2 and 4 car parts (wheels, axis etc) at the same time! Everything in real-time!

GitHub repo of RV Car Studio

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[RVCarStudio] build #2620

[RvCarStudio]RV Car Studio

[RVCarStudio] build #2620

22 12 2013

Hello and welcome again to my blog,

Today, I’m going to introduce RV Car Studio for the public. Although not much to say, just it’s stable enough to compete with Car::Load and yeah… prealpha too!
RV Car Studio is designed for both professionals and beginners.
You can edit parameters.txt (Pro editor) and see changes in the window and vice versa.
and also, you can just use few clicks and got the car edited!
And you don’t need to be concerned about “Y-upside down” or “Models slots” since RV Car studio took care of it.

Download v2.0.0.620 from here

Best regards!

[RvCarStudio]RV Car Studio

15 11 2013

Car::Load is back! This time it’s no longer named “Car::Load” but now it’s called “Rv Car Studio”. Why? because as the name say. It’s a commitment to develop a decent car editor for a such great game such as Re-Volt by combining a super editor usable by both beginners and professionals and combining the experience and the knowledge of great people: Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Halogaland, Burner94 into tips.


For now, I don’t intend to release a version right now (until I make sure it’s good enough to be released)




So, that’s why the only thing I can offer right now is just this video










Best regards!


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