Re-Volt DEV version

23 08 2014

Re-Volt DEV version.

now available in Re-Volt Frontend 🙂


DEV version on wiki
Dev cars

[Re-Volt] MakeTrans

19 05 2013

So yeah, it turned into a complete program before knowing it
But unlike old times, since there were stuffs that happened, I’ve decided to go with a ‘very strict’ License….

So MakeTrans is supposed to “overlay two world files” one is for shaded, textured, the other will be used as “alpha intensity” in other words: will make your track black and white (and gray), then extract the alpha value then get back again to your world file



[Re-Volt] Flip Buffer Error

20 12 2011

Re-Volt carboxes

Image by RV-Frontend via Flickr

Hello, many people were searching in this Christmas Holidays about “Flip Buffer” error in Re-Volt

This happens for Re-Volt v1.0, v1.1 (1207 and 09.16) no sli

To fix it instantly go to Re-Volt shortcut -> properties -> Target: “your_revolt_directory\revolt.exe”

add to the target -sli so it would become: “your_revolt_directory\revolt.exe” -sli

If there is no shortcut, create a one (right click on revolt.exe, Create shortcut)

The Permanent solution: Download it from (Download the alpha version) (Updated link April’28th 2014)

Windows Vista and Seven are primarily supported in this Re-Volt

Happy Re-Volting!

best regards!

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