[Re-Volt] New Track: Destructed City 2019

1 09 2019

Hi all!

It has been a long time but I am still there. Trying to collect the tiny bits of free time to make something useful 🙂

Today, I am presenting to you:

Destructed City (2019)

The war has just started. It is the first day. A raid is coming, should we hold a final race before the total destruction?

This track is RVGL Only. Please use RVGL’s latest version.

Download link: https://app.box.com/s/1kta3mia7yy78d9dy3ckchtjxjyukxop

Have a nice day 😀

(Copublished in RVIO)

[Re-Volt] RV Car Studio goes open source

31 12 2018

Hello Re-Volters! Happy new year 2019!

It has been 5 years since you have heard about RV Car Studio from my side. Since its release on 22nd December 2013.

After that, just couple of updates were released, all of them were minor, and no major release was committed.

Yes, RV Car Studio was not able to see more light as a lot of things have been going on in real life. At the end, the other tasks made it impossible to resume working on RV Car Studio despite my own will to commit on it. The decision to open source RV Car Studio is finally made today.

What is RV Car Studio? Basically just a tool for editing Re-Volt cars. Although it was intended to allow cars from scratch, right now, it can only help by editing the current settings of the cars. The features in RV Car Studio makes things very easy! You can automatically calculate Inertia Matrix, wheels positions, change the positions of 1, 2 and 4 car parts (wheels, axis etc) at the same time! Everything in real-time!

GitHub repo of RV Car Studio

More readings:

[RVCarStudio] build #2620

[RvCarStudio]RV Car Studio

Re-Volt DEV version

23 08 2014

Re-Volt DEV version.

now available in Re-Volt Frontend 🙂


DEV version on wiki
Dev cars

[Re-Volt] Re-Volt and Windows 8

22 07 2014

Re-Volt doesn’t support windows 8 by default. Not talking about the old Re-Volt 1.0 patch 1207 or CD version, but our new Re-Volt 1.2.


Here below a solution to make Re-Volt available in Windows 8

The idea consists of making an executable (batch file .bat or .cmd) which launches Re-Volt in “-emulatefullscreen -window” mode.



[Re-Volt] Re-Volt vs Windows 8 (offline)

8 06 2014

This video shows how to : get the alpha version of Re-Volt (the best one), install it.

And should fix Windows 8’s lag problem.


The video also applies for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (you don’t need to do the notepad thing, it’s Windows 8 only problem).

Fixes: Flip Buffer problem, SOME of Z-Buffer problem, Re-Volt crash on start for Windows Vista,7,8.

[Re-Volt Live] April 2014 Car and Track of the month (RVL)

2 05 2014

A new track, car of the month’s video is up. Enjoy!

[Re-Volt] ase2rv8: -kay

11 04 2014

Finally, we introduce the new switch mode next to -ali and -morph which is -hybrid mode, I hated to call it to my nickname, but since we can’t use -h (-help/-h), I’ve decided to keep it -kay (or -k) even though it doesn’t deserve my nick since few are the efforts I’ve done.

But, -hybrid be or -kay, it’s a new switch mode for SG group and it’s a hybrid mode between morph and ali

  • it can get transparency/reflection color from materials just like in -ali
  • it uses the same 6-32 [almost] SG as -morph
  • SG1, SG2 is unlike morph, like ali: define a default surface (not that pushy surface thing)
  • SG4 new mode: get alpha (transparence) channel from BMPX*
  • SG3 new mode from ali: Weird magnet surface.


*BMPX: I included a program png2bmp that’s run without any command line argument and to be put inside track folder (where it smartly detects name and converts the pngs into 32-bits BMP). I use that tool myself.


Although it may be possible in future to get into scene that uses more than one switch mode, using adjectives…

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