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Hello dear people and especially Re-Volters, how do you do?

it has been 12 years since anyone could heard of a new release of ase2rv, but I guess it won’t be long to hear about any since Re-Volt is already under being maintained.

Today, I present to you the new ase2w (ase2prm and ase2taz, ase2vis) which I made the first improvements hoping for a new release rvtmod9 which to support autoshade adjective and multiframes.


So RVTmod8 (ase2rv8)’s changelog:


  • Vectors’ normals = 0 is fixed (PANIC normal bye bye!)
  • NCP’s polycount is now limited to 65536 (to avoid crash)
  • New users have the welcome message closed on their faces: no more


  • Poly’s shade color defaults now to grayish white instead of pure white.


  • -hybrid mode (-k, -kay mode): new hybrid mode from Morph and Ali.
  • Support of BMPX alpha (through -kay , SG4). see documentation SG group documentation
  • Command lines: -pw (pure white, like in rvtmod), -rw (random white) to set default poly color value .
  • Global shading (Sun) support with presets (-sunset , -night and -sunpos) see documentation.
  • Adjectives: introduction.
  • NCP and W poly count are now displayed.


Still, with all those changes, it was too late when I saw that I was working with VC8’s compiler, it’ll be a little pain but you need to install VC++ 2008 redist (redist_x86.exe included in the zip folder)


Download link (box.com)


Stay tuned in my blog, tag/category: ase2rv for more details about ase2rv as well as contributor’s diary!


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Aujourd’hui je vous propose un petit résumé cours-compte_rendu sur langage C élaboré essentiellement par le groupe dont j’appartiens (baah, le boulot d’écriture est sur moi 🙂 ). Ce cours est un petit homework demandé par notre Professeur Mr. Hafedh Trabelsi. Je le recommende pour ce qui sont motivés à apprendre C.

Encore, Je ne suis pas un expert en C, alors SVP de signaler toute erreur.

To Re-volters, yes, you are right. Actually I’ve added some of my code sources translated to C (mainly Car Load) and also some of Re-Volt’s code source ^^.

Télécharger/Voir à partir de ce lien

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[KDL] Progress?

__KDL [programming language] progress___
First, thank you for your interest in KDL (the programming language).
It was indeed a great surprise to see it not only alive, even the alpha version is being downloaded about 5 times/week.

Right now, KDL’s engine is being redesigned and reprogrammed and has a lot to be done before releasing the next version.

For more *upcoming* info., please visit the project’s website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdl/ or my blog@ thekdl.wordpress.com (tag KDL) .

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Hello people

I’m here today presenting my newest reformulation of ‘KDL’ language which was halted for 3 years

The new language whose syntax is [will be] heavily based on ‘Algorithmique’  (The programming language taught in Prépa system in Tunisia [more precisely IPEIS]) and ‘KDL v0.01‘ as well as BASIC. The new language will aim at: Students and Scholar systems, new programmers, algorithmic testers, young people (children, adolescents and young), files and batch programmers and interested people.

This language will have two faces: Algo and KDL (defining by Algo goes like: var x: real while defining in KDL goes like: define x as real)

Currently the language is available for first tests (supporting shell/interactive shell mode) and available for Public testing here


Documentation/batch example and KDL are found in this package : download from here 


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Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

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Hello, this is Car::Load (later named Car.Load() ) v1.2 ‘s source code

If you’re looking for the binary (.exe) of Car.Load and the latest version, it’s by the time I’m writing 1.8.4i and can be found in Category: Car::Load

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update: http://www.box.net/shared/3seqc6afh9

How to get it working?:
just get it near of level listening (I mean, Track directory) or use command line

rvclean [level path]

What does it do again?
Just cleans your track path from junk files, that’s all

Useful for me?
unless you’re a track compositor (using makeitgood composing [instances]), it’s useless


edit (screenshot):

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