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Certainly you heard of nVolt somewhere in Re-Volt scene.
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nVolt is the freeVolts equivalent to Visual Basic, that would mean a Re-Volt file loader for VB.NET.
Technically it’s a prototype used long time ago for cloning Re-Volt.

nVolt is the 2nd most used engine for making tools (am I the only one making them) after Ali’s.
It is the father of Car load, car manager, prm viewer and almost all of my tools.

for now, nVolt is able to load .w, .prm and .m (.psm not yet)
Skipping the chitchat and introducing the newest program from nVolt engine: nVolt [sorry sleepy enough to think about another name].

so, this ‘nVolt’ is a .prm and .w viewer, modified from prm viewer. but unlike the last mentioned one, nVolt is able to open .prm directly (and .w), just by double clicking it.

For now, it can only preview .w and .prm. I’ve currently no intention to add carload’s engine for loading cars, neither finish Volt builder’s engine for loading tracks (or psm). Since I’m having problems in real life.

Download Link

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finally a stable Re-Volt .prm/.m viewer is out (which was my dream since 2008)

There is no need to explain, readme file has most of it. remaining is to see Car::Load() (which shares the same gfx rendering engine: nVolt on Irrlicht.NET)

Download link (box.net)


Yes, opensource on demand (if you want the source, just PM me)

this way I can see who is really into the sources.

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