[Re-Volt] prmviewer

17 09 2011

finally a stable Re-Volt .prm/.m viewer is out (which was my dream since 2008)

There is no need to explain, readme file has most of it. remaining is to see Car::Load() (which shares the same gfx rendering engine: nVolt on Irrlicht.NET)

Download link (box.net)


Yes, opensource on demand (if you want the source, just PM me)

this way I can see who is really into the sources.

[Re-Volt][News]Car::Load v1.6 !

2 04 2011

Hello, this is the first Car::Load’s public preview
Current release: v1.6
it still has a lot of bugs to be fixed still it’s “runnable”


from box.net other mirrors

You are going to need .NET framework 3.5, Consolas Font, Calibri Font to run it in a proper way.

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