[programming] Re-Volt loading engine for .NET

15 01 2012

Hello, this is nVolt, the Irrlicht.NET translation of Re-Volt where Car.Load, prm viewer, Car shader, Car manager, W_Console, prm (tool) and many other tools are based on.

nVolt is a Re-Volt .prm and .w loader and renderer.

Currently, nVolt was loaded internally so I’m going to included the latest W loading engine


World file’s loader (latest, found in w_console)

[Re-Volt Live] Re-Volt Installer

7 11 2011

Re-Volt Live’s Re-Volt Installer
download RC1 preview here (July’8th 2011)

Current version: RC1 – July’8th 2011
Help needed: Programmers (VB general programmers for quality checking), Designers

Reqs: Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 (or SP2 with .NET 2.0 [2005])


Thanks to Jigebren for allowing to include WolfR4 (with no mods of course)
Thanks to Huki for advising me and suggesting (aren’t implemented yet) and also allowing me to add Rv 1.2 smile.gif

QUOTE (Still to be done)
– Installer should create / update the DirectPlay registry keys (1.2 doesn’t automatically update them when launched).
– Download the latest Alpha or Beta release dynamically instead of inlcuding with the installer.
– (Optional) A quick way to update the game by launching the installer again with rv already installed?

[Re-Volt] W_Console, wrong packaging

3 10 2011

for everyone who downloaded the package last night, thanks for re-downloading it again (again, a wrong package was uploaded)
The program is now cross-platform and able to run on:
1. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven (under .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0)
2. Linux-based (Ubuntu 11, Fedora etc…) (under Mono 2.0 or Wine+.NET 2.0)
3. MacOS (under mono)

Mono 2.0/ .NET 2.0 (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS) package

Wine Package (for Linux/Mac OS) package

Note(1): For Mac OS, Mono Framework is needed in order to launch the program. use terminal for launching the program

Note(2): Linux users can launch W_Console using Mono or Wine.
To launch from Mono, just write

Mono “W_Console NET 2.0.exe”

The other way, is to use Wine package, just double click on the exe.

[Re-Volt][News]Car::Load v1.6 !

2 04 2011

Hello, this is the first Car::Load’s public preview
Current release: v1.6
it still has a lot of bugs to be fixed still it’s “runnable”


from box.net other mirrors

You are going to need .NET framework 3.5, Consolas Font, Calibri Font to run it in a proper way.

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