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hello all 🙂


So today I’m going to present two sites that I’ve been fond of so much lately and that helped me a lot, so grateful that I’m going to share them as well as sharing some experience about them: the first is edX, the second is Coursera.





So, what are edX, coursera? 

If we put them in a simple word: “free-online-learning”. And that’s it!
Professor propose every week a series of video of different lengths as well as homeworks (to be done before due time). Then perhaps final exams and ‘labs’ in some courses.

At the end if you get above a specified-by-professor score (doing everything in time and correctly), you’ll succeed and get a certification of achievement for it. Otherwise, you’ll gain an experience but no certification .

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Most of professors offer either a week or two to view videos as well as doing homeworks.
For exams and QCM based homeworks, either they offer ‘unlimited time’ or some time (2 hours for instance) to submit your work.

So if you miss a homework for instance, make sure that you have got enough score to succeed.

Among courses I have taken:

  • the famous 6.002x Electronics and Circuits (60% needed to pass : labs+homeworks+2 exams)
  • Introduction to computing with Java (50%: QCMs + programming + exam + project)
  • EFPL’s Introduction to Java OOP (75% needed about 250 or 350 points: java programming )
  • Creative Programming for Mobile and desktop (40% : 6 QCMs + 3 ‘creative programming’ projects cast on a video)





You said free, right?

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Absolutely, edX may offer “verified certification” (just like Coursera).With possibility to pay for a verified certification.

The verified certification is a certification that comes with your full name and your photo, of course you’ll have to pay for it. Courses Materials are the same but you’ll have more superiority for assistance and a few more additions to normal people.

Sadly People from Tunisia can’t pay for what’s outside it, say, not impossible but very difficult. So they ought to learn freely.

Anyway, the fee you pay is none other than a contribution to professors as well as the platform. If you could then go ahead I’m already plenty grateful for what they helped me and would pay if I was able to.





I want to learn Computer Sciences, is it possible?

Of course! edX coursera and Udacity don’t usually offer the possibility to learn ‘computer sciences’, rather they offer number of subjects related to that field.

For instance, you want to learn Computer sciences? You’ll have to learn functional programming, Object-Oriented programming, algorithms. Then you could learn Computer architecture, Hardware/software interface, Creative programming, Parallel programming, Android programming or Aruduino/Micro-controller programming. Tada!



What could I learn

Many things, from literatures, humanities,history, battles/wars. Computer sciences, Technology<-> Information, Computers architecture, Software engineering, Science of Computer.  Electrics, Electronics, mechanics, materials, energy and much much more.

Available in different languages (according to subject/professor): English, French, Spanish, Chinese even Arabic, etc…

Some courses offer (like CS50x) different transliterations as well as language subtitles so you could enjoy.

The courses are offered from prestigious universities: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, RICE, Georgia, Washington, Kyoto, Tokyo, HKUST from Hong Kong, Beijing, London, EFPL, EP X de France, etc…




Is it suitable for me?

Perhaps I don’t know, you ought to check that by yourself. It could be found under “Recommended background” in coursera or “Prerequisites” in edX.


Showing different prereq

Showing different prereq



Have a super day!


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