[Re-Volt] W_Console, wrong packaging

3 10 2011

for everyone who downloaded the package last night, thanks for re-downloading it again (again, a wrong package was uploaded)
The program is now cross-platform and able to run on:
1. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven (under .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0)
2. Linux-based (Ubuntu 11, Fedora etc…) (under Mono 2.0 or Wine+.NET 2.0)
3. MacOS (under mono)

Mono 2.0/ .NET 2.0 (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS) package

Wine Package (for Linux/Mac OS) package

Note(1): For Mac OS, Mono Framework is needed in order to launch the program. use terminal for launching the program

Note(2): Linux users can launch W_Console using Mono or Wine.
To launch from Mono, just write

Mono “W_Console NET 2.0.exe”

The other way, is to use Wine package, just double click on the exe.

[Blog] Bye Windows

30 04 2011

So long Windows, Welcome Ubuntu 11.04

Due to some problems and etc… I decided to move forward, thus by saying good bye Windows and say hello to Unix: Ubuntu 11.04 was chosen over MacOS (or HackOS to be precise) .

Currently I’ll be hanging from times to times to Windows for finishing pending projects but this would be very rare.

To be honest, at first while, I didn’t like Ubuntu 11.04, it appeared like a MacOS to me, I mean I [not going to use word “hate”] am not a fan of MacOS because of several reasons


  • Global Menu(s) : one menu.
  • Control Box (aka close, reduce, maximize buttons) are on the left
  •  Dock menu is replaced with another menu (see the picture, on the left)
  • Not everything is one hundred percent free, now, there are shareware in Ubuntu

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