[myBlog] Death note, the best anime ever!

29 03 2011

Cover of the first tankōbon for Death Note, re...

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(Je suis L (elle) ==> I’m her)

A good French joke to start with 🙂

basically, I even seen about 100s of Animes (my MAL entry here: at least 110 Cartoon and Animes), since i was a little boy, and until now There is no Anime proved to be good enough to be my favorite except of Death Note (and few others).

My point is, if you haven’t watched Death Note, basically, you didn’t watch any good anime

The Anime is about “Yagami Ritu” (Light Yagami), a brilliant promising student with great intelligence which found a note called “Death note” [Dess Notu]. using this note, he decided to change the world. Is he capable? How far did he go? and who is able to stop him? who’s Ryuk?. matta questions to answer, believe me! you have to watch this you’ll never regret it 🙂

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