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[KDL] Progress?

__KDL [programming language] progress___
First, thank you for your interest in KDL (the programming language).
It was indeed a great surprise to see it not only alive, even the alpha version is being downloaded about 5 times/week.

Right now, KDL’s engine is being redesigned and reprogrammed and has a lot to be done before releasing the next version.

For more *upcoming* info., please visit the project’s website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdl/ or my blog@ thekdl.wordpress.com (tag KDL) .


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[KDL] KDL alpha 1.1

Hello, KDL alpha 1.1 is finally out!

Source forge (download)

Website  (help and reference)

 Youtube video  (demonstration and tests)


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Hello people

I’m here today presenting my newest reformulation of ‘KDL’ language which was halted for 3 years

The new language whose syntax is [will be] heavily based on ‘Algorithmique’  (The programming language taught in Prépa system in Tunisia [more precisely IPEIS]) and ‘KDL v0.01‘ as well as BASIC. The new language will aim at: Students and Scholar systems, new programmers, algorithmic testers, young people (children, adolescents and young), files and batch programmers and interested people.

This language will have two faces: Algo and KDL (defining by Algo goes like: var x: real while defining in KDL goes like: define x as real)

Currently the language is available for first tests (supporting shell/interactive shell mode) and available for Public testing here


Documentation/batch example and KDL are found in this package : download from here 


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