[Math] Collatz conjecture

26 02 2016

Hello world, how is it going?

Collatz Conjecture, ever heard of it? It’s probably most known as “3n+1” or “Half Or Triple Plus One” .

The procedure is pretty simple and starts with a simple number picking. So yes, pick any number, let’s call this number n.

algorithm: (<– : stands for assignment)

  • if your number n is odd then do the following instruction: new_n <– n * 3 + 1; n<– new_n;
  • if your number n is even, then divise it by two: new_n <– n/2; n<– new_n;
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number n‘1’

Now you see, you’re always going to converge and get “1” at the end or to be more exact “4-2-1” sequence. And that would be with any number you take!


Well, that’s nice, but I have other words to say about these.
As the goal of the algorithm is to make 1.5*n converges, then 3N+1 wouldn’t be the only maze in here!

5*N+1, 7N+1, 11N+1 would all fit if an algorithm is well implemented!

Now here is my proposed algorithm to make 5*N+1 converges

  • if your number n is even: n <– n /2; 
  • if your number n is a multiply of 3: n<–n/3
  • else : n<–5*n+1
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number ‘1’

or perhaps

  • if your number n is even: n <– n /2; 
  • if your number n is a multiply of 3: n<–n/3
  • if your number n is a multiply of 5: n<–n/5
  • else : n<–7*n+1
  • Repeat the algorithm until you get your number ‘1’

Conclusion, Collatz Conjecture isn’t about 3*N+1, but it’s more about 5*N+1, 7*N+1 …. , P*N+1 where P stands for a prime number

[Re-Volt] Re-Volt and Windows 8

22 07 2014

Re-Volt doesn’t support windows 8 by default. Not talking about the old Re-Volt 1.0 patch 1207 or CD version, but our new Re-Volt 1.2.


Here below a solution to make Re-Volt available in Windows 8

The idea consists of making an executable (batch file .bat or .cmd) which launches Re-Volt in “-emulatefullscreen -window” mode.



[Re-Volt] ase2rv8: -kay

11 04 2014

Finally, we introduce the new switch mode next to -ali and -morph which is -hybrid mode, I hated to call it to my nickname, but since we can’t use -h (-help/-h), I’ve decided to keep it -kay (or -k) even though it doesn’t deserve my nick since few are the efforts I’ve done.

But, -hybrid be or -kay, it’s a new switch mode for SG group and it’s a hybrid mode between morph and ali

  • it can get transparency/reflection color from materials just like in -ali
  • it uses the same 6-32 [almost] SG as -morph
  • SG1, SG2 is unlike morph, like ali: define a default surface (not that pushy surface thing)
  • SG4 new mode: get alpha (transparence) channel from BMPX*
  • SG3 new mode from ali: Weird magnet surface.


*BMPX: I included a program png2bmp that’s run without any command line argument and to be put inside track folder (where it smartly detects name and converts the pngs into 32-bits BMP). I use that tool myself.


Although it may be possible in future to get into scene that uses more than one switch mode, using adjectives…

[C,Francais] Résumé sur lanage C

15 11 2013


Aujourd’hui je vous propose un petit résumé cours-compte_rendu sur langage C élaboré essentiellement par le groupe dont j’appartiens (baah, le boulot d’écriture est sur moi 🙂 ). Ce cours est un petit homework demandé par notre Professeur Mr. Hafedh Trabelsi. Je le recommende pour ce qui sont motivés à apprendre C.

Encore, Je ne suis pas un expert en C, alors SVP de signaler toute erreur.

To Re-volters, yes, you are right. Actually I’ve added some of my code sources translated to C (mainly Car Load) and also some of Re-Volt’s code source ^^.

Télécharger/Voir à partir de ce lien

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