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14 10 2011

Well, it’s nice to see a language that needs 17.000 lines for a hello world (compatibility) that makes me so happy 🙂

oh wait, 17k code? just to say “hi world”?  crossed twice and in red and send to recycle bin waste bin


So, Google announced a new language called Fart oops, Dart . It’s nice but, it’s only for Google Chrome. and worse than Javascript itself.

That’s not the problem, but on the other hand what’s going to happen to non-Dartian browsers (Internet Exploders, Oprah, Fox on fire…) [aka Gecko, Trident and Presto based browsers?] no worries, said Google; There is a compatibility script which can be compiled along with .fart .dart. Well that’s nice, but when we talk about 17.000 LINES of compatibility script!!!!!!!!!! That’s for creating memes around the internet!!!


https://gist.github.com/1277224  (for memes Hello world on Dart)


so, Yagami Light, it’s time to write Dart on the death note, otherwise Ryuk Google would do so for Javascript.

[Maths] Google do your calculations

28 04 2011

In old days, We used to use an invention called Calculator for calculating stuffs. It’s not used anymore unless you don’t work and do your studies in front of the computer 😉

So… My point is, I was very satisfied with Google. It not only do your calculations but it converts it to you!


λ  = C * h / Wph

C = 3.108 m.s-1

h = 6.62. 10-34 J.s

Wph = 10.2 eV

I just wrote in google:

(3e8 * 6.62e(-34) / 10.2)

and I got:

(3e8 * 6.62 * e * (-34)) / 10.2 = -1.79950257 × 1010

sugoi desu yo!

Nah, that’s not all 😉

I wanted the results in nanoJoules . so I wrote

(3e8 * 6.62e(-34) / 10.2) eV to nanojoules

and I got

((3e8 * 6.62 * e * (-34)) / 10.2) * eV = -2.88312066 nanojoules

Conclusion: If you want real calculation, Google is your friend 🙂

edit: come  to think of it, I’ve committed a mistake in calculations… I am almost cursed when comes to them or to web hosting 😛

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