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11 12 2011

This is a light guide for Classical Anime. So, if you’re fond of anime, I think you know all of these by heart.
and of course, this is my current list and can be changed any time

1. Death Note:(Mystery, Genius, detective, thrill, suspense, challenge, Drama)

Probably the best scenario ever! a must seen (because kotoba [words] can NEVER be sufficient to describe it

2. Clannad After Story [and Clannad Series] (Romance, Drama, Tragedy, Comedy)

And you’ll have to watch Clannad before of course. most painful moments are here.
And don’t worry about crying (if you have a kind heart), I and many people cried too 😉

3. Spiral (Mystery, Detective, Thrill, Genius, Drama)

From the depth of despair and the loop of the faith, can Narumi save the ‘Blade Children’? (Detective

4. Seitokai no Ichizon (Comedy, Drama, LOL, parody)

Many Anime references can be found here (you need to watch other animes before to fully understand it). I’ve got my best laughs from here.

This is a student council trying to do its work, but, the only problem is having Sugisaki?
The in-between-lines are great, it’s recommended

5. Baka to test (Romance, Comedy, LOL, parody)

Kudos for my fav ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY29T1p0OdY

Classes from A-> F, F=the worst, A = the best. Our heroes are from F, A, B, C, D, E . We have one-side Yuri, Yaoi, bishojo, bishoenen, bijen and all the type of people even the ‘Death grimmer ! ‘ . a good laugh

6. School Rumbles series (Love, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Situations_You_can_never_imagine, LOL, parody)

Want funny romantic anime? how about this: A loves B, B loves C and A made enemy of C, C is cool, A is a delinquent, B is a childish girl, D loves A, E loves D, F loves G, D-cup, H loves F and C loves … Curry (food)!

7. No Naku Koro ni Series (Higurashi and Umineko) (Mystery, Thrill, suspense, comedy, drama, tragedy, kill, psychology, Oyashiro, witch, curses)

[Higurashi’s description followed by Umineko’s]

Series of suspense in two different worlds:Oyashiro sama’s curse or the witch’s curse

The cursed village will be terrorized and everybody is going to be killed : the cursed island, nobody remained alive

Is the killer a human? is it a curse? Do the witches exist?

8. Angel Beats (Mystery, Tragedy, Comedy, Love?, Romance?, Drama, Hope, Thrill, Mystery)

I can’t describe in words, otherwise I would spoil everything, you’ll have to watch the first episode.

9. Great Teacher Onizuka (Comedy, Drama, Situations_you_can_never_imagine, teens, delinquent)

Onizuka: “I want to become a teacher, so I would marry a teenager when I’m 40” :3

What if the class he got is just college people, what if they’re the worst kind of people that hate professors?

Onizuka is a must see!

Other animes:

10. Detective Kindaichi
The best Detective series?

Jimmy Kudo

Image via Wikipedia

Other animes:
* Ranma 1/2 : Ranma Is he a boy or a girl? because I think his father is a human or it’s panda? his friend is a human or a pig? A very recommended comedy (Romance included) but make sure you watch the censored version if you’re under 13
(NOT REALLY FAMOUS)* Romeo no aoi sora: sacrifices, misery of children labor, it was a wonderful anime
* Suzumiya Haruhi (the best anime of 2006)
* K-ON: I loved it so much back then
* Detective School Q (Tantei Gakuen Q): Detective, suspense. From the creator of Kindaichi ‘s case files
* Magic Kaito and Meitantei Conan
* Oreimo : Ore no Imouto ~
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
* Naruto
* Lucky Star

Anime Symbols:

– Genius and Evil: L and Light from Death Note
– Evil genius: Lelouch from Code Geass
– Best detective: Kindaichi
– Most successful detective: Conan (Shinichi)
– Best Romance Drama: Clannad
– Perfect husband: Narumi from Spiral; Naoki from Itazura na kiss
– Perfect wife: (not a wife, but a recommended): Kaede from Shuffle; Nogizaka from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
– Dumbest character: Akishia from Baka to test  VS Itazura na kiss’ hero VS School Rumble’s heroes
– Smartest ever: L VS Light VS Near (from Death Note) VS Narumi Ayumu VS Kudo Shinichi VS Kindaichi VS Lelouch VS Detective Academy Q‘s Q team VS Sugisaki
– Most successful: Light and Naoki (Death Note, Itazura na kiss)
– the woman with a sabre: Shana
– Space and Athena: Saint Seiya
– Soccer (football): Captain Tsubasa
– the maid/harsh/tsundere: Kaicho wa maid-sama
– palmtop tiger: Tiga from ToraDora
– Cute-mode: Rena from Higurashi
– Yandere: School Days, Shuffle!
– The detective in the body of a child: Conan (Shinichi Kudo)
– Basket Anime: Slam Dunk
– Castanet girl: Yui from K-ON
– Girl band: K-ON
– Yuri lustful girl: Mariya holic
– Girl are president: Suzumiya; Kaicho wa Maid; Angel beats (partially); MM!; Tsundere ones
– Tsundere: a lot  Lucky star: Hiragii , Shuffle: Asa;  Seitokai no Ichizon: Shiina; Kaicho wa maid sama; Louise Zero;MM!’s hero; Amagami SS; Suzumiya Haruhi; Taiga from ToraDora; Love Hina;K-ON’s Mio
– can be boy or a girl: Ranma
– Anime Symbol: Doraemon
– Yandere: Rena (Higurashi) and Shuffle’s Kaede
– Japanese Detective fiction: Conan and Kindaichi
– Social hating: Zetsoubou sensei
– Puppet Detective: Sakon
– Ki and action: Dragon Ball
– bishonen that look like a girl: Baka to test
– sadako: sawako from Kimi ni Todoke

!myBlog, Anime> Best Detective/mystery anime in My Point of View

12 10 2011

The cover of the first Case Closed tankōbon, r...

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Ok, as in title: best detective-based anime shows I think you should see this: (flavor : 16~ 20-years)

Death note is on the other [below] list, don’t get angry on me please….

  1. Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan (199x-20xx): Can solve each case, but the question can you beat him first?
  2. Kindaichi no Jikenbou (Kindaichi case files) (1999): another anime about detective stuffs, and he’s the grandson of Kindaichi! You MUST see this!!!!
    The reasoning is far beyond your imagination, it’s fantastic but just, it’s not as “near to you” as Detective Conan, you may disagree with me on this, to be honest, I think I should put both of them in the first place
  3. Detective Academy Q: a team of qualified students able to solve each case?
  4. Gosick: (didn’t finish it but it looks good enough)
  5. Agatha_Christie’s_Great_Detectives_Poirot_and_Marple (probably the worst for this age)

SKET Dance : episode 1 only: fantastic detective based episode! sadly the only detective episode… 


  1. Death Note (2006): Technically the best, has it all: intelligence, intellectual, practicing and finally someone who’s good with studies and good in Detective stuffs  (Kindaichi and Shinichi……. ) with extra stuffs: Organization, a death note.
  2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Series (2004~): Well sir, Oyashiro’s malediction has hit the whole village or, it’s just not really?
  3. Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (2002): Wow, just wow!Similar to Death note but seriously though who are the blade children?
  4. Kindaichi no Jikenbou (Kindaichi case files) (1999): another anime about detective stuffs, and he’s the grandson of Kindaichi! You MUST see this!!!!
  5. Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan (199x-20xx): Can solve each case, but the question can you beat him first?
  6. Detective Academy Q: a team of qualified students able to solve each case?
  7. Angel Beats… seriously?
  8. Gosick
  9. Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Battle and checkmates, on the real land with a witch?

Currently watching Lelouch and may edit this later

I remember that I didn’t finish watching Puppet Master Sakon (TV) ; so It won’t be ranked as well

[myBlog] Death note, the best anime ever!

29 03 2011

Cover of the first tankōbon for Death Note, re...

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(Je suis L (elle) ==> I’m her)

A good French joke to start with 🙂

basically, I even seen about 100s of Animes (my MAL entry here: at least 110 Cartoon and Animes), since i was a little boy, and until now There is no Anime proved to be good enough to be my favorite except of Death Note (and few others).

My point is, if you haven’t watched Death Note, basically, you didn’t watch any good anime

The Anime is about “Yagami Ritu” (Light Yagami), a brilliant promising student with great intelligence which found a note called “Death note” [Dess Notu]. using this note, he decided to change the world. Is he capable? How far did he go? and who is able to stop him? who’s Ryuk?. matta questions to answer, believe me! you have to watch this you’ll never regret it 🙂

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