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Hello and welcome again to my blog,

Today, I’m going to introduce RV Car Studio for the public. Although not much to say, just it’s stable enough to compete with Car::Load and yeah… prealpha too!
RV Car Studio is designed for both professionals and beginners.
You can edit parameters.txt (Pro editor) and see changes in the window and vice versa.
and also, you can just use few clicks and got the car edited!
And you don’t need to be concerned about “Y-upside down” or “Models slots” since RV Car studio took care of it.

Download v2.0.0.620 from here

Best regards!


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So today I’m presenting my newest tool which I developed from a CarLighting fork blended with Car::Load 2 (or RV Car Studio).

RIKO is an advanced version of ‘Carlighter’

Unlike Car Lighting, Riko has more reqs.
1. An Installed and used Car::Load (version 1.4 and above)
2. .NET framework 3.5

What can Riko do:
1. Set a Light Normal (direction of light)
2. Set a Light Distance (Light position)
3. Multiplier (Light Intensity)
4. Base Color

5. A stupid banner, which will be used (G.W) in Car Studio (C::L v2) for suggestions
6. Textured/Untextured mode (even yeah I saw that bug but I’m in rush….)



Download link


Here is also the latest version of “Demo of MakeTrans”

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Certainly you heard of nVolt somewhere in Re-Volt scene.
user posted image
nVolt is the freeVolts equivalent to Visual Basic, that would mean a Re-Volt file loader for VB.NET.
Technically it’s a prototype used long time ago for cloning Re-Volt.

nVolt is the 2nd most used engine for making tools (am I the only one making them) after Ali’s.
It is the father of Car load, car manager, prm viewer and almost all of my tools.

for now, nVolt is able to load .w, .prm and .m (.psm not yet)
Skipping the chitchat and introducing the newest program from nVolt engine: nVolt [sorry sleepy enough to think about another name].

so, this ‘nVolt’ is a .prm and .w viewer, modified from prm viewer. but unlike the last mentioned one, nVolt is able to open .prm directly (and .w), just by double clicking it.

For now, it can only preview .w and .prm. I’ve currently no intention to add carload’s engine for loading cars, neither finish Volt builder’s engine for loading tracks (or psm). Since I’m having problems in real life.

Download Link

user posted image


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This week’s progress (download link)

– Aerial is fixed (forever)

– “Cage button”

– memory used/ car index

– new command line argument: /load; /loadlast

– restart the program is improved

– wheels fixed

– Skidmark width calculator fixed

–  Toggle texture/untextured

– PRM, rvminis built-in GUI is fixed (and will be later improved)

– one wheel parameters => copy to other wheels

– Aero mode improved

– spinner speed fixed  (unlike Re-Volt)

– Paint Mode activated

[Full] Todo list:

– HULL render/preview (possibility: built-in Hull editor)

– fix axles, springs and pins using cylindrical bases (instead of Cartesian one)

– wheel 3D editing (fix)

– skidmark’s width’s GUI

– Scale, opacity width

– On(prm/rvminis) => refresh

– Render window : Resize 

– two wheels and auto generate other wheels

– Implement Car manager’s stock car detection

– Implement ZIP archiving, .exe self-extract format

– Global refresh

– PIN, axles, spring, aerial, spinner editing

– wheel editing and wheel’s 2nd offset editing

–  IrrLicht NET CP and Meshbuffer problem (going to contact the admin I guess)

– render UV map

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It’s possible to configure Car::Load to work inside a virtual OS (for example, a virtual XP [Windows XP/VirtualBox])

first launch it using this command:

“fullpathToCarLoad.exe” -sw2


“C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Bureau\Car_Load.exe” -sw2

For that use “Run” Command from “Start menu”



Now, our Car::Load  should work fine, however, it’s going to have some lag:

1. set modeX (rendering mode) to “ENVMAP on” instead of “Alpha channel on”

2. (same window [settings]), go to tab: “Appearance” , put “Opacity to the maximum (100%)”, and reload each: “0 seconds”

3. (same windows [settings]) go to tab: “View”, unselect all but Name (logo, gradient, floor and fake shadow should be unchecked)


Close Car::Load from settings, then manually restart it. and that’s all!

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Hello, this is the pre alpha version of 1.8.3, the version that should be able to fix the whole graphic problems (or should be that left for v1.9?) and also able to fully edit Re-Volt parameters

It includes additional (new and fixed stuffs), I recall:

– Restarting program/added changing rendering engine warning

– floor

– (fake shadow)

– ENVmap / Alpha channel (sadly irrLicht doesn’t support both of them at the same time)

– sounds

– Light + Goraud (= bad results)

– bug fix


Download Link (note it may contain some bugs)

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha preview



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