[RVCarStudio] build #2620

22 12 2013

Hello and welcome again to my blog,

Today, I’m going to introduce RV Car Studio for the public. Although not much to say, just it’s stable enough to compete with Car::Load and yeah… prealpha too!
RV Car Studio is designed for both professionals and beginners.
You can edit parameters.txt (Pro editor) and see changes in the window and vice versa.
and also, you can just use few clicks and got the car edited!
And you don’t need to be concerned about “Y-upside down” or “Models slots” since RV Car studio took care of it.

Download v2.0.0.620 from here

Best regards!

[[Car Load, Car Studio]]

15 06 2013

Hello everyone, how is it going?

So I’ve finally decided to drop support to the closed source Car Load and shake hands with the new “RV Car Studio”, open source and GNU GPL.

RV Car Studio is a complete remake of Car Load, based on OpenGL rather than Irrlicht/DirectX. It’s fully programmed in Visual Basic 2008. Thus, TexYUI is the final of ‘nVolt based line’ and Riko should be the first of “VoltGL-based line”.

It also contains more advanced tools and more advanced car editing stuffs. It should support both of Blender, 3Ds max and Zmod exported cars.

It also contain a “Tip system” which can help you along car making (Tips are by Halogaland, Burner94, Citywalker, MythicMonkey, Skarma, Zipperrulez and myself).

A lot of Click to modify (few of few typing on keyboard) along ‘autocalculate’ stuffs.

The first Release Candidate is dated (GW) to be released in two weeks

More news will be coming later.


Special Thanks to Marv, Skarma and Zipperrulez. Thanks to Citywalker, MythicMonkey and everyone in RV Community.

Some screenies

[Re-Volt] nVolt (prm/w viewer)

28 01 2012


Certainly you heard of nVolt somewhere in Re-Volt scene.
user posted image
nVolt is the freeVolts equivalent to Visual Basic, that would mean a Re-Volt file loader for VB.NET.
Technically it’s a prototype used long time ago for cloning Re-Volt.

nVolt is the 2nd most used engine for making tools (am I the only one making them) after Ali’s.
It is the father of Car load, car manager, prm viewer and almost all of my tools.

for now, nVolt is able to load .w, .prm and .m (.psm not yet)
Skipping the chitchat and introducing the newest program from nVolt engine: nVolt [sorry sleepy enough to think about another name].

so, this ‘nVolt’ is a .prm and .w viewer, modified from prm viewer. but unlike the last mentioned one, nVolt is able to open .prm directly (and .w), just by double clicking it.

For now, it can only preview .w and .prm. I’ve currently no intention to add carload’s engine for loading cars, neither finish Volt builder’s engine for loading tracks (or psm). Since I’m having problems in real life.

Download Link

user posted image


[Re-Volt] Flip Buffer Error

20 12 2011

Re-Volt carboxes

Image by RV-Frontend via Flickr

Hello, many people were searching in this Christmas Holidays about “Flip Buffer” error in Re-Volt

This happens for Re-Volt v1.0, v1.1 (1207 and 09.16) no sli

To fix it instantly go to Re-Volt shortcut -> properties -> Target: “your_revolt_directory\revolt.exe”

add to the target -sli so it would become: “your_revolt_directory\revolt.exe” -sli

If there is no shortcut, create a one (right click on revolt.exe, Create shortcut)

The Permanent solution: Download it from (Download the alpha version) rv12.revoltzone.net (Updated link April’28th 2014)

Windows Vista and Seven are primarily supported in this Re-Volt

Happy Re-Volting!

best regards!

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