[Re-Volt Live] Track of the month March & May 2014

8 06 2014

[Re-Volt Live] Track and Car of the year

31 12 2012

Voted on Re-Volt Live’s track and car of the year yet? “fech testanna” (What are you waiting for?)

It’s open until January’6th  2013

link: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/index.php?showforum=4




Speaking about Re-Votl Live, now tools section is open, for public.

Also, Don’t forget to check the new Car Load (RvCarStudio is its codename) It’s preview version but I can see your drool :9


[Re-Volt] UV Viewer for Re-Volt

24 12 2011

This is another small program scheduled (requested by RVL team) .
So just like the title says it’s UV viewer (the successor of TMVfR [whose author remained anonymous])
anyway, the full difference list between this one and TMVfR can be viewed from the readme included in the package, highlighting:
– different resolutions
– support of .png and .jpg
– support of other colors than black and white
– PRM tool engine included: smart background picking

Note: Bitmap (raster graphics) also includes png and jpg.

user posted image

Download link here

best regards

[Re-Volt] The PRM (car) Shader named AutoShader

21 12 2011

  Finally, the ‘AutoShader’ I was thinking about is out (for Re-Volt).

This small program will calculate the “shading” for each vertex/poly (based upon demand) then render (preview) or apply (shade)


This program (and Shadow algorithm) will be  included in v1.9 of Car.Load


It’s my Christmas Present (Xmas no Prezentu da yo!) 😉

Download Link 

Also, Long live Box.com! (officially Box.net is no longer available!)

Sources will be available soon




[Car::Load] Car::Load v1.8.4 (preview version)

16 12 2011

Taken from Re-Volt Live (topic 1070)

Hello everyone, I’m back but won’t be back 24/24 as I used to be smile.gif [guessed right, holidays and thank God]

And for CityWalker: sorry, couldn’t add any AI or suspension customization in this version <:) because I’m going to take some time to fully understand the AI (otherwise I would look like an idiot implementing genius stuffs)

So, skipping the chitchat and getting right into the subject,
a new release v1.8.4 (v1.8.3.1) is out. Featuring fixes as main subject.
+ shameful axles were fixed (I never knew I was really this bad as a programmer until we studied it fully in Kinematics) [ALPHA]

(note there maybe division by zero cases that weren’t actually added, this is a preview version)

+ improved for PCs that use “,” for separating mantissa from characteristic [BETA]
+ improved for laptops
+ GUIed the opacity, shading, scaling
+ customization: Light mode, custom floor, custom lighting
+ fixed stuffs with technical words

To be done:
# fixing the stuffs 100%
#Great thanks to CityWalker, the AI for everyone will be added soon
# other editing modes

Get the download from here!

so, best regards

[Re-Volt Live] Re-Volt Installer

7 11 2011

Re-Volt Live’s Re-Volt Installer
download RC1 preview here (July’8th 2011)

Current version: RC1 – July’8th 2011
Help needed: Programmers (VB general programmers for quality checking), Designers

Reqs: Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 (or SP2 with .NET 2.0 [2005])


Thanks to Jigebren for allowing to include WolfR4 (with no mods of course)
Thanks to Huki for advising me and suggesting (aren’t implemented yet) and also allowing me to add Rv 1.2 smile.gif

QUOTE (Still to be done)
– Installer should create / update the DirectPlay registry keys (1.2 doesn’t automatically update them when launched).
– Download the latest Alpha or Beta release dynamically instead of inlcuding with the installer.
– (Optional) A quick way to update the game by launching the installer again with rv already installed?

[Car::Load] This week’s progress… 1.8.3pa

25 09 2011

This week’s progress (download link)

– Aerial is fixed (forever)

– “Cage button”

– memory used/ car index

– new command line argument: /load; /loadlast

– restart the program is improved

– wheels fixed

– Skidmark width calculator fixed

–  Toggle texture/untextured

– PRM, rvminis built-in GUI is fixed (and will be later improved)

– one wheel parameters => copy to other wheels

– Aero mode improved

– spinner speed fixed  (unlike Re-Volt)

– Paint Mode activated

[Full] Todo list:

– HULL render/preview (possibility: built-in Hull editor)

– fix axles, springs and pins using cylindrical bases (instead of Cartesian one)

– wheel 3D editing (fix)

– skidmark’s width’s GUI

– Scale, opacity width

– On(prm/rvminis) => refresh

– Render window : Resize 

– two wheels and auto generate other wheels

– Implement Car manager’s stock car detection

– Implement ZIP archiving, .exe self-extract format

– Global refresh

– PIN, axles, spring, aerial, spinner editing

– wheel editing and wheel’s 2nd offset editing

–  IrrLicht NET CP and Meshbuffer problem (going to contact the admin I guess)

– render UV map

[Re-Volt][Car::Load] v1.8.3pa (pre Alpha preview version)

18 09 2011

Hello, this is the pre alpha version of 1.8.3, the version that should be able to fix the whole graphic problems (or should be that left for v1.9?) and also able to fully edit Re-Volt parameters

It includes additional (new and fixed stuffs), I recall:

– Restarting program/added changing rendering engine warning

– floor

– (fake shadow)

– ENVmap / Alpha channel (sadly irrLicht doesn’t support both of them at the same time)

– sounds

– Light + Goraud (= bad results)

– bug fix


Download Link (note it may contain some bugs)

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha

Car::Load 1.83 pre-alpha preview



[Re-Volt] Car.load() v1.9 On the way!

2 09 2011

Hello, it has been indeed a long time 🙂

alright; a new version will be out (hoping it would be out before Sep’5th inchlh)

The new version will feature an almost complete IDE for editing Re-Volt cars

The latest version is v1.8 (nightly build) ; the current being developed version is v1.8.1a (which features complete “main” and “handling information” editing (except CoM and WeaponGeneration: they will be here and in 3D too 🙂 )


Here is version (released last night) [ http://www.box.net/shared/5tt3zjy5hgftnhg61ck4 ]

[Re-Volt Live] Minor updates

26 05 2011

a minor update was done to RVL last night.

These update include technical stuffs (make forum faster), cleaning up old subforums (deleted a sub forum). The update also include porting forum to CSS-3 which makes it look better

Preview of the current forum

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