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Scheduled to be posted Jan’ 15th 2012, 12:00 GMT.

Hello dear Re-Volters, it’s finally the time to reveal the real events happened in RRR circa June’24th 2009. What did really happen and what was supposed to happen.

RVL was created by miromiro and zipperrulez. miromiro who was back then a newbie with no knowledge, zipperrulez who was only a normal racer. It was supposed to close in 2 days but amazingly it survived and still surviving by November 2010. The big question is Why? and How?


After a conflict with RST (who isn’t actually is bad as I described him), I quit RRR then back later to it. RST recruited me because I was developing 3D Hul Editor back then in 2009 and fastly made me a super moderator class II (just like Gaming4JC) . Later, miromiro  posted a message in RRR about having a new forum where RRR’s main rule is not advertise to any forum but RRR.

Advertising to any other forum: RVZT, Rv House and ORP terms were banned from RRR.

The first step was reporting what miromiro has done in RRR, I asked RST about the correct decision but instead he got angry at me and removed me from super moderation team to normal member. I couldn’t take it so I made a full plan to oppose him

Kay’s plan: RST from the best to the worst

I showed to RST my other face (it says betraying a friend is worse than getting betrayed by an enemy): I told him that it’s his loss since I was the center of RRR back then, I’m the one who cheer him, support others and even help him with ideas and other stuffs (while in reality, RRR was elliptic and it’s actually RST and Gaming4JC the base of RRR). So I made a plan to ruin his reputation among Re-Volters.

RRR replacement

I had nowhere to go, ORP was never my home and RVF isn’t a good home, RVTT was almost inactive so I promised myself to rule RVL and use it against RRR making it my new home.

 RVL from 0 to extreme, Kay’s point of view

I started developing RVL by making small tools and reuploading the tools I’ve made into RVL, Zipperrulez learned about it so he locked ‘Tools’ and made it “Only members can see it”, little by little, I along people developed other stuffs from scripts to professional tools (RV Glue GUI, nVolt, WorlDo, Carload, volted…) and logos (and other artworks: Krisss, Zipperrulez, Urbanrocker are the real person who created RVL), in second place Dave and  my scripts (and not me). Miromiro first joined by cheering then he also made professional AI nodes tutorials. R6TE also joined by making tracks.

By 2010-2011, RVL become a good enough forum with fantastic members having great knowledge everywhere: miro (AI, racing), Zip (tracks and basic cars), Dave (tracks, racing), CityWalker(AI, cars), UrbanRocker(Gfx), TomoAlien(Gfx), KDL(scripts,tools,Gfx), Nero(Gfx,Tracks), Krisss(Gfx, videos, tracks, cars,tools) , Kaj(Gfx, videos), R6TurboExtreme(tracks), Burner94(cars, gfx) Halogaland(cars), Cat(cars), Balint(racing), Huki(Re-Volt), Nero(tracks), and questions by: Ballistics and Daniel and many others I can’t remember all of them.


ORP and RVL are connected very well, but in fact, only one person is not actually connected to ORP, that would be me.



Was RST that bad of person?

No, he was not, he had a good side, a bad side, his good side is better. But I augmented his bad side and eventually lied about him. He’s a lonely person who fears of people leaving him and go to other forums. He’s intelligent when comes to Re-Volt and computer.


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Best Re-Volt personal sites, in my point of view…

There are a lot of personal sites around the Internet that features Re-Volt as a main or as an extra content (my site isn’t anymore)  .

The listed sites includes every site I’ve known since 2007. (including inactive ones)

Also, note listed: Zipperrulez’s, Cat’s, The Driverz’s , okonken’s, dyxoft, gougoun, Re-Volt Racing

12. srmalloy’s Re-Volt Page (http://members.cox.net/srmalloy/Re-Volt/index.html )

outdated, yet it has a support for infamous Re-Volt tools: w2pov, hulscale. a good enough design, my vote 7.2/10

11. Halo one’s Re-Volt battle tag page (http://battletag.tripod.com/)

it has every single information you need for battle tags, also it includes a lot of Re-Volt’s taste and memories. my advice, visit this and XTG’s site, they’re great!. Still, the site is very buggy that’s why the vote is reduced to 7.5/10

10. The MeAndMe’s site (http://themeandme.de/)

simple, yet it has a  great repository of cars made by the team “TheMeAndMe”. my vote 7.7/10

9. Ali’s Re-Volt stuffs (http://perror.de/rv/)

It sure has a lot of useful stuffs for programmers, track modelers and is the main site for Rv Glue, ASE2RV tools etc… most of great tracks and cars are using at least a tool (ase2w, rv glue, etc…). Yet, Re-Volt section is outdated. my vote 7.8/10

8. RickyD’s Re-Volt Landing zone. (http://rvlz.synthasite.com/)

Design is good, it has a good repository for cars, tracks and pure extreme tracks, a perfect guide to a perfect Re-Volt. yet it get rid of some Lego which are awesome. My vote: 7.9/10

7. Oliver’s Re-Volt Racing [French] (http://rvrolivers.online.fr)

outdated, still, it has a good design and some useful information. It’s supposed to be a member of RVTT clone but now became ghost town. vote: 8/10

[Adamodell’s site: the site-> RIP]

[Y’arp: RIP]

6. Last_Cuban’s XTG site (http://www.revoltxtg.co.uk/RV-Tools/htms/RV-Tools.htm)

A nice site, simple yet it has the root of Re-Volt, couldn’t ignore it. If you want to know what Re-Volt site, do NEVER forget to check this site out!. the design is fair, the content is excellent and updated. my vote:8.49/10

5. Urnemanden.com (http://urnemanden.com/)

Great site, rebuilt once, the design is (almost) perfect . it provides simple comment interactivity and few tutorials. my vote: 8.5/10

4. ManMountain’s Re-Volt Motorsports (http://www.freewebs.com/revolt_f1/)

It’s sure one of the most visited Re-Volt sites, it has wonderful compilation of resources including tools. the design is good enough but not appealing, however, the links are not updated. my vote: 8.7/10!

3. Spaceman’s Re-Volt site (http://www.spaceman.de/re-volt/)

Nice design, (even if it’s now not on mode) but still the design is exceptional, the links are very useful and it has great tutorials  . my vote: 9.4/10

2. TheFactor82’s AliasReVoltMaster [Italian] (http://www.aliasrevoltmaster.com/)

The most useful stuffs, including tools etc can be found there. also providing a forum which is now the most active forum for this year. my vote: 9.5/10

1. KillerWheels’ Nawakiwi [Italian]  (http://nawakiwi.com/)

Nawakiwi sure has the best design for a website, his site isn’t yet complete however it’s very promising. also it provides a fourm. my vote: GOOD

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