[Re-Volt] ase2rv8: -kay

11 04 2014

Finally, we introduce the new switch mode next to -ali and -morph which is -hybrid mode, I hated to call it to my nickname, but since we can’t use -h (-help/-h), I’ve decided to keep it -kay (or -k) even though it doesn’t deserve my nick since few are the efforts I’ve done.

But, -hybrid be or -kay, it’s a new switch mode for SG group and it’s a hybrid mode between morph and ali

  • it can get transparency/reflection color from materials just like in -ali
  • it uses the same 6-32 [almost] SG as -morph
  • SG1, SG2 is unlike morph, like ali: define a default surface (not that pushy surface thing)
  • SG4 new mode: get alpha (transparence) channel from BMPX*
  • SG3 new mode from ali: Weird magnet surface.


*BMPX: I included a program png2bmp that’s run without any command line argument and to be put inside track folder (where it smartly detects name and converts the pngs into 32-bits BMP). I use that tool myself.


Although it may be possible in future to get into scene that uses more than one switch mode, using adjectives…

[Re-Volt] ase2rv8 Sun Shade

11 04 2014

We present now our second ase2rv session: Sun shade (-sunpos=), which is a new command in ase2rv8 to define the current track setting (night, plain day, winter sun) mainly thought for VoltThor.

should be an integer (for now) between -90 and 90 (ignore what the program says anyway)

90 means sun is just in plain sky (12 PM or so)

30 means it’s about 5 PM or so

20 winter sun at 5 PM

15->-15: sun set

-15->-30: night started

-30 and below: plain night


So, to use this feature, you just have to add a new argument in your command line call -sunpos=<v> where v is a value as seen above.

For instance, we have a track called ‘allonsy’ (allonsy.ase) and it uses -k mode switch as it was

ase2w -k allonsy.ase

it now becomes (sunposition at 14)

ase2w -k -sunpos=14 allonsy.ase

and for people who don’t want pain to set a sunset scene:

ase2w -k -sunset allonsy.ase



Oh and for people who are interested in ‘sunshade’ as standalone program for directly acting to .w, will think of it…

[Re-Volt] ase2rv8 – adjective

11 04 2014

We start our ase2rv8’s tag/category with a new feature: adjectives. and to get what is this, an adjective is an extension to name.

For instance, we have an object called “Sphere084” in 3Ds max, let’s say it’s 25% transparent and 75% opaque, we just rename it to become “Sphere084 trans25” and tada! export it in -kay, -morph, -ali or without anything! you’ll get an object that’s 25% transparent.


So far, we have two possible adjectives (in rvtmod8/ase2rv8): transparency factor (trans) and reflectivity factor (ref). There if we want an object that’s 75% reflective  and 75% transparent. We rename our object to become from Sphere084  to Sphere084 ref75 trans75.

Below a picture showing the differences:


different adjectives and their effect

different adjectives and their effect

Consult Using adjectives from doc\index.html

[Re-Volt] ase2rv8 [rvtmod8]

11 04 2014

Hello dear people and especially Re-Volters, how do you do?

it has been 12 years since anyone could heard of a new release of ase2rv, but I guess it won’t be long to hear about any since Re-Volt is already under being maintained.

Today, I present to you the new ase2w (ase2prm and ase2taz, ase2vis) which I made the first improvements hoping for a new release rvtmod9 which to support autoshade adjective and multiframes.


So RVTmod8 (ase2rv8)’s changelog:


  • Vectors’ normals = 0 is fixed (PANIC normal bye bye!)
  • NCP’s polycount is now limited to 65536 (to avoid crash)
  • New users have the welcome message closed on their faces: no more


  • Poly’s shade color defaults now to grayish white instead of pure white.


  • -hybrid mode (-k, -kay mode): new hybrid mode from Morph and Ali.
  • Support of BMPX alpha (through -kay , SG4). see documentation SG group documentation
  • Command lines: -pw (pure white, like in rvtmod), -rw (random white) to set default poly color value .
  • Global shading (Sun) support with presets (-sunset , -night and -sunpos) see documentation.
  • Adjectives: introduction.
  • NCP and W poly count are now displayed.


Still, with all those changes, it was too late when I saw that I was working with VC8’s compiler, it’ll be a little pain but you need to install VC++ 2008 redist (redist_x86.exe included in the zip folder)


Download link (box.com)


Stay tuned in my blog, tag/category: ase2rv for more details about ase2rv as well as contributor’s diary!

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