[KDL] Progress?

20 10 2013

__KDL [programming language] progress___
First, thank you for your interest in KDL (the programming language).
It was indeed a great surprise to see it not only alive, even the alpha version is being downloaded about 5 times/week.

Right now, KDL’s engine is being redesigned and reprogrammed and has a lot to be done before releasing the next version.

For more *upcoming* info., please visit the project’s website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdl/ or my blog@ thekdl.wordpress.com (tag KDL) .

[KDL] KDL to be featured in Softpedia!

21 03 2012

So today, I was checking my email box when I found this mail

So, suddenly, I found myself standing, face glued on screen trying to figure out the ‘blurred’ words! I was EXTREMELY HAPPY 😀

It’s very very very very great to see that my modest work is featured on Softpedia, the GREATEST software guide and best site to download software from!

Softpedia’s KDL entry

Softpedia’s ‘100% free’ award

So, I’ll try to do my best to improve it! Softpedia and Softpedia guys! Great thanks to you all!


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