[MyBlog] CLANNAD After Story~ Impact (2 years later….)

27 06 2013

Two years later,

I have changed myself but in the other hand I got other problems like flaws in personality.

But no matter what happens as I relay on the truth, eventually, I will find my way (G.W). The straight way to heaven.


It has been 2 years since I last watched Clannad After Story in details. Two years I forgot most of things but something entered my heart and won’t leave it, two years since I graduated and entered university, memorized many new stuffs, but there is always something that pulls me back to Clannad After Story. Yes… it has been already two years, watched it once but I still remember it as it’s from yesterday, most of it. So much for the best anime in the world?

Even Death Note wouldn’t have been that much impact in my life, I remember the first episodes and the last one. But it’s a memory independent from sensation making it low priority. Not the case for the After Story.

By the time I’m writing this, I should be 20 years old. A young male adult. Once I was that “insensitive idiot” that have no goals in his life and watch world from above. But watching Clannad was a trigger to change my life. (see philosophical review below) . Yes, even now, I still feel that I’m a child, even after changing myself.

Philosophically :

Clannad After Story is the best anime that should be recommended for any person but it’s more like a half-guide to surreality rather than being a guide itself. In other words, Clannad should be treated as philosophical anime and not cry-tragedy-comedy anime.
It can also tell you what kind of person you are

1. Man, it was a good cry, so, let’s go to another KEY anime since it’ll make me cry -> You misinterpreted everything, that’s not the reason behind Clannad. You’re doing it wrong son!

2. Man, I couldn’t finish it so I stopped few times ->You hate being sensitive and you can’t accept reality and want to change it but you can never do anything.

3. Phew, Now that I remember, I wasn’t that good with my parents -> well, just a little close to the real answer: yes you should treat them better

4. Life is short ->yes, no matter how long it is, What will you do now?

5. I don’t see your point in this question, you can’t redo life, right? ->100/100. yes! that’s the right goal of the whole anime, you can’t relive life as in Clannad but you can redo your life!
In other words, here is Jun Maeda’s plan: to make you feel you’re inside that anime (by laughing then first sadness), then the big shot, you become Tomoya himself.
Now what remains is: How you accept fate, life, family, death.

The other world is none other than personification of sadness, hope, life, family and friends. The world that begins after the End. The world where everything ended for a self: What kind of reaction should you take? Are you going to revolt against God (atheism)? Are you got to search more about Religion (and be more religious)?. Are you going to treat more well your parents? Are you going just to ignore everything?. Will you be kind to your children? Will you accept death? Will you accept life? Will you change yourself? yes, it’s none other than half a guide, it’s now your turn to see how you should complete your life.

If you watched A.S and still don’t understand what should you do to improve your life, then, I’m sorry to tell you…

No matter how sad, no matter how much I cry, it’ll tell me that life is good as long as you do good: Love your parents, be loved by them.

So, What will you do now?

[myBlog/Philosophy] ‘JUST’ (to neglect)

29 12 2011

No person

Image via Wikipedia

Oh my, I’ve just come to just another Blog

I- intro
Have anyone noticed that word “just” (for neglecting stuffs) is dominating our life?
It’s ‘just an experience’, ‘just a program’, ‘just my father’, ‘justin bieber‘.

I hate the word “just” but I love “justice”. Because it just ruins the whole word by making standard to stuffs.
We’re just [Country]ian, We’re[City]ian, We’re just people, people who are living.

II- Body

People usually tend to neglect stuffs as they never lived or never existed, just because it meets standard and so it’s a common experience you don’t have to make a big deal out of it.
You’ve been invited to “just a friend’s  birthday”. I’ve lived “just one year of revolution”. Jesus lived just 2000 years ago, Prophet Muhammad just lived 1400 years ago. Roma was burned just some time ago. They even come to think about “just a prophet” , “just a God”, “just a life” and “just a mother is mine”.

People hate to make big deal of “normal stuffs” (what they take for granted). They create their own standards in what we call “society law” and then they try to apply it using the most harsh, hurtful/painful ways. But people always think about themselves and never care about other people (so few people do the opposite).

What you’re neglecting is a PERSON who lived a long time ago, a person like you and me  a happy and sorrowful life. That person had a mother (and perhaps a father with exception of Adam, Eve and Jesus). They lived childhood, adolescence,  teenage, adulthood. They eventually become old and they finally died. They have got a blessing life or a life full of sorrow and sadness, they lived until the end as people . When they’re , something happened, other stuffs happened, That person loved . Isn’t a much standard? You’re even thinking “Hey, isn’t that normal?”. I’m telling you, people are thinking of you this way or even worse (person born xyzt , died abcd. live happily)

No matter what person are we talking about, we should consider his life as a real life and not someone’s life; He’s another “me” and thus we have to make at least a small deal of his life !

You’re asking , hey, do we have to know about billions of persons who lived here? won’t “person name, xyzt – abcd” be enough? : it’s true, too many people to seek and find, too many stuffs to be found. Once you make someone’s life a matter and think about the other person, your life will change and you’ll never consider stuffs as standard: rather you’ll consider him as a brother that needs help as he offers help and thus a world based on more brotherhood. It’s too much? IT’s TOO much and it will never happen sadly, but at least apply it to yourself before the others: if you can’t change yourself can you change another person?

My conclusion: at least consider someone’s life more important as it was yours.

[Philosophy] Right and confidence (my philosophy)

22 05 2011

If my right is not right the whose right is right?

Is it other people’ rights? to go to café everyday, to watch soccer matches and cheer for FC Barcelona or Real Madrid?

What right is that?

the right is the right I have: which is true, present for many years, millenniums. It’s humans’ right, the only right, the right that God specified: the universal mind and the universal right

The right is always right, it’s not superposed by society

You’re telling me that I’m making a mistake and every human can make mistakes  . In that case as Islam mention : Best fault makers are who apologize. And that doesn’t mean that we commit mistakes every time we speak. We are not all day wrong. it’s true, I make mistakes, some, but they’re exceptions, rather I’m righteous for most of the time, since the right I’ve got is Human rights, and not the invented one.

[Philosophy] Mind: equally shared, intelligence: another thing

23 04 2011

I believe Descartes said something like this: “minds are equally shared between people”, thus every person is able to handle what the other can.
I say no. I say he mistook “Mind” and “human”, there are people who are too smart, too careless. thus, equally shared is not really the word.

I believe he wanted to say human1=human2. however it’s more like maths: different numbers, the sum is the same (we can get to 4 using different way, 2+2 = 1+3: equal). Now we’re going to ask: if it’s so, then why others are inferior/superior than me?

To answer this question, you’ll have to answer this: “Are you really inferior than the others? Are you really superior than the others”. You can sum 4 numbers in a row, but you can’t do gymnastics. or you can be so smart that you’re very clumsy, normal people in every domain, or too sportive to answer maths. Every person in this life has the qualities needed, equally shared among people.

Now, let’s talk about a human being. ‘Every human has an orientation: philosophical, literature, mathematical or physical orientation that suits him and can be suited’ is a total blinding point of view. I say “if it’s about a mind, why wouldn’t it share those stuffs equally? in other words, I can be a mathematician and physician at the same time! or physician and philosopher.” thus, ‘equally shared’ can be applied in other way, it’s going to replace a quality of you. I don’t know how to explain it in words, however, I’d say it’s like… swapping stuffs and save them to a later usage. just like the fruit, you can get it and keep it on your pocket until you get hungry again.

Most of people goes to intelligence when the word “mind” comes to their head, and of course, a lot of them would point that intelligence = maths. That’s really false, rather disappointing.

If life was maths, then I would say yes, but we’ve got besides maths other stuffs from physics to metaphysics, judging on someone for being stupid is absolutely a misjudgment as long he has other qualities from the ability of influencing the environment (social intelligence) to the ability of getting out of problems (self-intelligence), to analyzing and deducing (policy intelligence) to the ability to calculate stuffs using a inquiry mind (maths intelligence).

Mind and intelligence are different: mind is actually spiritual, more moral than physics while intelligence is defined as a part of spirit and a part of brain united to get what we call “intelligence”.

The definition of intelligence depends on how do you define an “animal” when acts in a good/nice way: an intelligent animal or “nah, just a natural behavior”.

[Philosophy] the RAM of your head

12 04 2011

The 536,870,912 byte (512×2 20 ) capacity of t...

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Since I’ve heard about “technocrats” : people whose mind is better than computers (as Daddy told me). It made me wonder, mind of human? mind of computers?

After days of thinking, I came up with a conclusion. Your memory isn’t actually in Gigabytes and  Petabytes, Rather, it’s in “details”. lemme explain further.

I believe your memory is able to handle millions of Windows Vista, I estimated the usage of memory to be “life time memory:1.000 months = 30.000 days, each day is composed from 24 hours * 60 minutes = 1440 minutes, each minute is actually logged on your memory: Visual memory, Audio memory, taste memory, touch memory, odors memory and feeling memory (5 senses and feelings), that equals to 5 GB (at least).) = 216.000.000 GB is your memory usage, free memory is always present of course. thus 2 . 10^14 is the least. You can memorize for ever!

Have done a research (net), too

ok, the question is “why can’t we beat PC?” because we can’t access our memory as “a request” (there are exercises for doing a such thing, not my topic). In fact, your memory is how “sharp” you are, I mean you can see a list of words and you don’t remember them because you didn’t focus while you can see them again and focus and here we go (permanent [almost]).

Accessing to your memory is similar to accessing to hard disk, you have to keep your memory fresh or it’s going to be erased or it’s going get so weighty to be remembered again, eventually any memory is going to be remembered (remember, when someone is dying, the film of his life will be projected on his memory) .

That’s our RAM (sasuga ramu da yo). what about the cpu?

[Philosophy] Argumenta contra

9 04 2011

The “contrary Argument” or “Argumenta Contra” is something that really impressed me. I first thought about it when I was younger but I really thought of it as a philosophy these days.

The theory says, everything in Human world is based on contrary: to sleep, to be awake; blasphemy, believe in God; to be, not to be; to exist, not to exist; breathing, not breathing. thus: to be wrong/to be right; to hate/to love.

Also this theory isn’t constant or invariable. Au contraire: everything is about time and place: to perspective, to human’s point of view and minds. For example:

The ‘Argumenta contra‘ tells us (a Human life perspective): Every quality of you has another side which you neglected. if you’re friendly that means you got disposed of unfriendliness, if you’re slim then you disposed of being fat.

But you can get fat anytime, you can do diets to become a different person

(Perspective: near present/past): if you’re happy then you have put the sad part away. if you have too less money, there is somebody who is very wealthy, if you’re angry etc… You can’t be poor for eternity and you can’t be wealthy to it. You weren’t sad since the day you’re born.

That’s way, the only problem that Argumenta Contra has is not everything is “static”, There is relativity and degrees in everything.


Exceptions: The Argumenta Contra’ s Enemy:

the only problem is “exceptions”. for example, in one domain: “human can’t fly” is not “there is a human that can fly”. the Contra should be “There is something that can fly” (talking about the birds). I perfectly know that there are some people who are flying (using airplanes) but that actually stand for “being in a place” and “not being in place” and it’s not about “flying” and “don’t fly”)

Thus, impossible stuffs cannot be applied to “Argumenta Contra” : it responds to non-metaphysics world’s laws (physics laws, such as gravity etc)


moving to “perfect”. Perspective: General truth

Now, if this theory is true, let’s talk about human being. You see “a human is not perfect” that means “There is in this world who is perfect”. “Human can’t fly”, “There is in this world that can fly”. and then This world, everything is going to die, Exists another world that everything will survive to infinity.

God is perfect in this world, this opposes to human being whom isn’t pretty much perfect (exceptions of course, talking about prophets).

Human can only communicate by talking, activities, hand gestures, keyboard chatting. The opposite to it, there is who can communicate without using any word, talking about espers (not human? I really don’t know) which can communicate without saying a word. all they have to do is hand gestures, thinking and the other would understand everything. If you’re a Muslim or a Christian then you know that “God can see what’s inside you”.


Finally to note: Metaphysic is the opposite of physics’ laws.

[myBlog] Best describe you?

8 04 2011

Suggested by miromiro (at Re-Volt Live forum)

My Philosophia says : “The only one that can describe you perfectly is yourself yourself“, “if you don’t know yourself, your mind is too short to be a life mathematician“. (or to be successful in life)

By getting the test (link below), you’re going to get something like this:

Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often finds yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly however, you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on.

the test can be done from here (www.hypnoid.com)

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