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Hello, this is Sep’6th’s release (5 days ago) of Car::Load()

It can also edit parameters in 3D mode (however, it’s still very unstable and too less time to work on it)


of course, this version is only a preview, so always “backup and save”



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YouTube Name: Save ENV (Save the environment ADs)

Real name: EcoDriving yourself (project’s name)

It consists of 5 (4 on topic) different videos, each one talk about an issue of Environmental saving, but it’s “Act locally” (I mean, we talked about Battery, Electricity, Computers and then water [taps])

Music downloaded from newgrounds.com

character downloaded from a site (which I forgot sorry)

Project by Amine Lajmi and Me

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An aerial view of Antarctica. Weddell Sea is t...

Image via Wikipedia

Another archive content, and another English project (of last year). Although it wasn’t completed but still don’t forget to see it.

It’s about Antarctica, the deserted continent; this video isn’t completed so it has a lot of bugs and of course it has a lot of problems and grammar mistakes.

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as a favor, had to do a small project for a friend of mine 🙂 (it’s about seychelles) [you know that wonderful country with the most wonderful landscapes, described as the heaven of the earth]. It’s meant to be a scholar project (so, every picture is from the web, the voices are generated using text2speech)

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