Hello and Welcome. Assalama (be in Safety and Peace) in my language,

My name is Kallel Ahmed Yahia, a computer hobbyist from Tunisia, I enjoy doing mathematics and “physics applied to Computer sciences).

I’m born in 1993 and I speak english and french, in addition to my mother tongue a dialect of Arabic and Arabic itself. Plus Japanese that I mostly have learned from Anime and Internet.

Probably I used to spend most of my time in front of my PC.

During my free time, I enjoy Programming in Visual Basic, Javascript and modeling in 3D using 3ds max or designing using Photoshop and Paint.NET. I also enjoy Playing (reading) Visual Novels and Watching Anime and eventually reading. Also I probably enjoy playing with `Toossa`(from Catous meaning Cat in my Language)

I also enjoy reasoning and Philosophy and chatting with my classmates, schoolmates, my friends, Re-Volt mates (Especially Marv, Thomas, Mike and Dave)

But I can program in other languages like Pascal, C#, C++, PHP, VB6. And use other programs such as Sony Vegas, Sony Audio, Audacity, Office suite’ Word, Excel and Power Point.

Currently I’m working using Ogre, mOgre and my own home engines for loading Re-Volt files and experimenting stuffs. To be honest, Outside Re-Volt I have only made few tools probably my hits were “KDL language” and “Apex Math Session”. “Car Load” and “TexYUI” for Re-Volt. But Currently I’m into Visual Novels and (G.W) I’ll be making some soon.

So, Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu! (Please take care of me).

And if you ever find me in “wrong” or “doing it wrong”, DON’T hesitate to fix me because as a human I tend to perfection which can’t be done without making faults!

Thank you for reading my humble about and keeping up with the heavy words!

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