[Re-Volt] ase2rv8 Sun Shade

11 04 2014

We present now our second ase2rv session: Sun shade (-sunpos=), which is a new command in ase2rv8 to define the current track setting (night, plain day, winter sun) mainly thought for VoltThor.

should be an integer (for now) between -90 and 90 (ignore what the program says anyway)

90 means sun is just in plain sky (12 PM or so)

30 means it’s about 5 PM or so

20 winter sun at 5 PM

15->-15: sun set

-15->-30: night started

-30 and below: plain night


So, to use this feature, you just have to add a new argument in your command line call -sunpos=<v> where v is a value as seen above.

For instance, we have a track called ‘allonsy’ (allonsy.ase) and it uses -k mode switch as it was

ase2w -k allonsy.ase

it now becomes (sunposition at 14)

ase2w -k -sunpos=14 allonsy.ase

and for people who don’t want pain to set a sunset scene:

ase2w -k -sunset allonsy.ase



Oh and for people who are interested in ‘sunshade’ as standalone program for directly acting to .w, will think of it…



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