22 05 2013

So today I’m presenting my newest tool which I developed from a CarLighting fork blended with Car::Load 2 (or RV Car Studio).

RIKO is an advanced version of ‘Carlighter’

Unlike Car Lighting, Riko has more reqs.
1. An Installed and used Car::Load (version 1.4 and above)
2. .NET framework 3.5

What can Riko do:
1. Set a Light Normal (direction of light)
2. Set a Light Distance (Light position)
3. Multiplier (Light Intensity)
4. Base Color

5. A stupid banner, which will be used (G.W) in Car Studio (C::L v2) for suggestions
6. Textured/Untextured mode (even yeah I saw that bug but I’m in rush….)



Download link


Here is also the latest version of “Demo of MakeTrans”



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22 12 2013
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