[myBlog] The only girl in the lonely world

27 12 2011

Many mysteries remains unsolved in this world, no matter what experts do, what scientists do, what people do: Many mysteries are mysteries. Scientists may explain it using their scientific mind, mathematicians using their logic, spiritual using their spirits. But do they really explain it? or just translating it to their domain like they own everything?

Our girl, our only one person in the whole world, in the lonely world is actually my dream when I was very young. All I know about her is that she has got a long hair and watching the sunset/sunshine in front of the sea where the palm tree is there . Other than that I know nothing.

By reading that, you do realize that I’m a single person (not engaged into any kind of relationship but friendship), that’s not our topic today

So, back to our topic, you should know that I’m not the only person who share this kind of dream. If you look at your dreams you’ll find a very similar dream . The girl in the lonely world.
About the world, it varies from person to another according to their tastes, lives and other stuffs. While mine is on the beach, some others have it on the pianos [ground]. Some have a skirted-girl, some others have a not-so-long-hair girl. But whenever we are, wherever we are, whatever we become, most of us share this dream.

In literature, I don’t read often romantic stuffs, but as far as I know, some Anime already hinted this or used it directly or derived from it another story. (Example Jun Maeda and Clannad/Kanon/Angel Beats).

I’d like to ask again, Is this girl is our taste? Is that place is our taste? but as far as I know girls whose hair is very long aren’t really my type, also, I do love beaches and palms but have other world loved as well (don’t really want to speak about it). So, here we go again: Who really is this girl? What’s really this world? Will those questions keep unanswered until the very end?



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