[Philosophy] Mind: equally shared, intelligence: another thing

23 04 2011

I believe Descartes said something like this: “minds are equally shared between people”, thus every person is able to handle what the other can.
I say no. I say he mistook “Mind” and “human”, there are people who are too smart, too careless. thus, equally shared is not really the word.

I believe he wanted to say human1=human2. however it’s more like maths: different numbers, the sum is the same (we can get to 4 using different way, 2+2 = 1+3: equal). Now we’re going to ask: if it’s so, then why others are inferior/superior than me?

To answer this question, you’ll have to answer this: “Are you really inferior than the others? Are you really superior than the others”. You can sum 4 numbers in a row, but you can’t do gymnastics. or you can be so smart that you’re very clumsy, normal people in every domain, or too sportive to answer maths. Every person in this life has the qualities needed, equally shared among people.

Now, let’s talk about a human being. ‘Every human has an orientation: philosophical, literature, mathematical or physical orientation that suits him and can be suited’ is a total blinding point of view. I say “if it’s about a mind, why wouldn’t it share those stuffs equally? in other words, I can be a mathematician and physician at the same time! or physician and philosopher.” thus, ‘equally shared’ can be applied in other way, it’s going to replace a quality of you. I don’t know how to explain it in words, however, I’d say it’s like… swapping stuffs and save them to a later usage. just like the fruit, you can get it and keep it on your pocket until you get hungry again.

Most of people goes to intelligence when the word “mind” comes to their head, and of course, a lot of them would point that intelligence = maths. That’s really false, rather disappointing.

If life was maths, then I would say yes, but we’ve got besides maths other stuffs from physics to metaphysics, judging on someone for being stupid is absolutely a misjudgment as long he has other qualities from the ability of influencing the environment (social intelligence) to the ability of getting out of problems (self-intelligence), to analyzing and deducing (policy intelligence) to the ability to calculate stuffs using a inquiry mind (maths intelligence).

Mind and intelligence are different: mind is actually spiritual, more moral than physics while intelligence is defined as a part of spirit and a part of brain united to get what we call “intelligence”.

The definition of intelligence depends on how do you define an “animal” when acts in a good/nice way: an intelligent animal or “nah, just a natural behavior”.



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