[Re-Volt] Best personal Re-Volt sites

25 03 2011


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Best Re-Volt personal sites, in my point of view…

There are a lot of personal sites around the Internet that features Re-Volt as a main or as an extra content (my site isn’t anymore)  .

The listed sites includes every site I’ve known since 2007. (including inactive ones)

Also, note listed: Zipperrulez’s, Cat’s, The Driverz’s , okonken’s, dyxoft, gougoun, Re-Volt Racing

12. srmalloy’s Re-Volt Page (http://members.cox.net/srmalloy/Re-Volt/index.html )

outdated, yet it has a support for infamous Re-Volt tools: w2pov, hulscale. a good enough design, my vote 7.2/10

11. Halo one’s Re-Volt battle tag page (http://battletag.tripod.com/)

it has every single information you need for battle tags, also it includes a lot of Re-Volt’s taste and memories. my advice, visit this and XTG’s site, they’re great!. Still, the site is very buggy that’s why the vote is reduced to 7.5/10

10. The MeAndMe’s site (http://themeandme.de/)

simple, yet it has a  great repository of cars made by the team “TheMeAndMe”. my vote 7.7/10

9. Ali’s Re-Volt stuffs (http://perror.de/rv/)

It sure has a lot of useful stuffs for programmers, track modelers and is the main site for Rv Glue, ASE2RV tools etc… most of great tracks and cars are using at least a tool (ase2w, rv glue, etc…). Yet, Re-Volt section is outdated. my vote 7.8/10

8. RickyD’s Re-Volt Landing zone. (http://rvlz.synthasite.com/)

Design is good, it has a good repository for cars, tracks and pure extreme tracks, a perfect guide to a perfect Re-Volt. yet it get rid of some Lego which are awesome. My vote: 7.9/10

7. Oliver’s Re-Volt Racing [French] (http://rvrolivers.online.fr)

outdated, still, it has a good design and some useful information. It’s supposed to be a member of RVTT clone but now became ghost town. vote: 8/10

[Adamodell’s site: the site-> RIP]

[Y’arp: RIP]

6. Last_Cuban’s XTG site (http://www.revoltxtg.co.uk/RV-Tools/htms/RV-Tools.htm)

A nice site, simple yet it has the root of Re-Volt, couldn’t ignore it. If you want to know what Re-Volt site, do NEVER forget to check this site out!. the design is fair, the content is excellent and updated. my vote:8.49/10

5. Urnemanden.com (http://urnemanden.com/)

Great site, rebuilt once, the design is (almost) perfect . it provides simple comment interactivity and few tutorials. my vote: 8.5/10

4. ManMountain’s Re-Volt Motorsports (http://www.freewebs.com/revolt_f1/)

It’s sure one of the most visited Re-Volt sites, it has wonderful compilation of resources including tools. the design is good enough but not appealing, however, the links are not updated. my vote: 8.7/10!

3. Spaceman’s Re-Volt site (http://www.spaceman.de/re-volt/)

Nice design, (even if it’s now not on mode) but still the design is exceptional, the links are very useful and it has great tutorials  . my vote: 9.4/10

2. TheFactor82’s AliasReVoltMaster [Italian] (http://www.aliasrevoltmaster.com/)

The most useful stuffs, including tools etc can be found there. also providing a forum which is now the most active forum for this year. my vote: 9.5/10

1. KillerWheels’ Nawakiwi [Italian]  (http://nawakiwi.com/)

Nawakiwi sure has the best design for a website, his site isn’t yet complete however it’s very promising. also it provides a fourm. my vote: GOOD



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31 03 2011
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20 08 2011

because of the comment on my battle tag site I have decided to change the website hosting and URL. it now is http://jump.to/battletag and looks like it should. However with a little banner. cheers

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